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Final Wave of NYCC’s All-New Marvel NOW Reveals

Posted on October 14, 2013 at 5:23 pm by Tyler Waterman

You might be thinking that the multitude of titles that were revealed in the Avengers and All-New Marvel NOW panels were enough to constitute a great showing from Marvel this year at New York Comic Con, and you’d be right. But if you thought they were going to stop there, you couldn’t be more wrong!

Three more new books were revealed across other panels, as well as a major event coming to the pages of Superior Spider-Man as well. Check out a quick rundown below, and get ready to add these to your pull list for next year!


All-New Punisher – Written by Nathan Edmondson with art from Mitch Gerads, The Punisher is set to bring us the gun-wielding vigilante we all know and love in Frank Castle, with a new locale to see it in: Los Angeles. The City of Angels promises to give Frank all sorts of problems, primarily that he’s not the baddest man on the block.

According to Edmondson, “There’s a new gang rising, a very, very powerful gang with connections to the super villain world. So Frank finds himself outmatched. On the other side of the coin, Frank learns that he’s being hunted by a very mysterious group. He’s outmatched by them as well.” How will Frank deal with not being at the top of the food chain? We’ll find out next year, but I suspect that lots and lots of shooting will be involved.



All-New New Warriors – Remember the New Warriors? The team that epitomized the 90’s, complete with names like “Night Thrasher?”  Sure you do! And if you don’t, you’re about to get introduced, as Christopher Yost and Marcus To put together one of the most motley crews we’ve seen from Marvel to fight a war that threatens everyone.

“Evolution has gone off the rails,” says Yost. “There’s super humans, mutants, Inhumans, Atlanteans, clones, alien hybrids, demigods—humanity’s future is no longer certain as the dominant life form on the planet. The war that’s being waged now is one of ethnic cleansing, so to speak; someone wants to save humanity by killing everything else. The New Warriors are a collection of everything listed above, fighting for the right to survive.” We’ll all get to see how this group tackles that challenge beginning in 2014.


All-New Captain Marvel – This one is kind of confusing. Although Carol Danvers currently has her own series, the current Captain Marvel is being rebooted in 2014 to, um, Captain Marvel. Still written by Kelly Sue DeConnick, and now penciled by David Lopez, this refreshed Captain Marvel title ships with the tagline “Higher,” which DeConnick wants us to take quite literally.

According to DeConnick, the major events that have happened to Carol (Enemy Within and, of course, Infinity) will provide the reason for the rebooted series. “Captain Marvel steps up and pays a heavy price to live that idea of “hero” in Enemy Within, then feels disconnected from herself and her fellows in Infinity, then finds a way to reconnect to a part of herself in Captain Marvel #17, which directly influences the choice she makes that leads to the new number #1.”

It may not make much sense now, but I suspect by the new series’ launch in 2014 the reasons will be clear!


Superior Spider-Man’s “Goblin Nation” – While some series are premiering, or rebooting, Superior Spider-Man isn’t going anywhere, but that doesn’t mean major changes to the book aren’t coming with the All-New Marvel NOW. Starting in issue #27, Goblin Nation comes to Superior Spider-Man, a five-part series that series writer Dan Slott makes clear is the biggest thing to happen to the book so far.

The Green Goblin has been quietly using Spider-Man’s war on crime to build his own army, and now that he has it, Doc Ock Spidey finds himself up against Peter’s greatest enemy and the biggest challenge he’s ever faced as Spider-Man. If that wasn’t enough to get you excited, it looks like Slott is channeling his inner George R.R. Martin with this storyline.

“I will say with all of the Superior Spider-Man supporting cast, when you hit Goblin Nation no one is safe,” warns Slott. “All bets are off. I have an empty lot over here that I have been filling with bodies since I’ve started working on Spider-Man. I have so many bodies that I have buried out here—don’t think I won’t do it. No one is safe!”

This is the man who “killed” Peter Parker, so you know he means it! Find out more when Goblin Nation rises in 2014.


Marvel announced so many new titles at this year’s NYCC it’s almost hard to believe so many of their current titles are continuing as well. What’s most clear is this; if the Marvel NOW initiative seemed huge last year, it’s downright massive starting in 2014. Start saving now, Marvel fans; next year is going to be very expensive, and from the looks of it, very awesome!

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