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Final Fantasy VII – Do we still care?

Posted on August 5, 2012 at 6:31 pm by David "Snackbar" Edmundson

Final Fantasy VII is being re-released on the PC with achievements soon, and it begs the question, is it still a big deal?  Final Fantasy VII was released in 1997 on the Playstation, and became one of the greatest games of all time overnight.  It had one of the richest and most rewarding stories of any game before or since.  It was one of the first games to use FMV (full motion video) cut-scenes which would become a staple in both future Square games and games in general.

Like a lot of people Final Fantasy VII was my first venture into the Final Fantasy series, and it is one of my favorite games of all time.  I have plowed through the game numerous times, and on my main play through I logged well over 250 hours (the in game timer freezes at that point) and collected everything there was to collect.  I defeated Ruby and Emerald weapon, bought the beach resort in Costa del Sol, and mastered every Materia in the game.  I am a huge fan of FF7 Advent Children the animated movie produced by Square that chronicles the aftermath of FF7.  I played the mobile game Before Crisis, the PS2 game Dirge of Cerberus, and the PSP game Crisis Core simply because of my love for Final Fantasy VII.

Suffice to say that if anyone out there wanted this game to be re-released it is me, but then why am I so ambivalent?  Turns out there are several reasons.

Final Fantasy VII remake – We all know that it will be made.  As soon as Square decides to get over its aversion to making money they will release it, and it will be one of the best selling games on whatever console it is released on.  The Tech Demo for the PS3 illustrates that they are experimenting with what it would take to update the game.  Final Fantasy VII was a massive hit, but its graphics are extremely dated, especially Cloud’s “Popeye” arms.  A lot of people have trouble getting past that in a medium that is so visually driven.  Square is not a dumb company, and they know there is a market for a FInal Fantasy VII HD release.

Been there, done that – Final Fantasy was released on the Playstation in 1997, then ported to the PC in 1998, then released on the Playstation Network in 2009, and released on the PC again this year.  Of course each time they announce they are releasing the game again people wonder if this is the official remake, and Square has crushed our dreams over and over again.

Final Fantasy 10 HD – With the recent announcements of a Final Fantasy 10 HD release, a FF7 release that is not an HD upgrade cannot be seen as anything but a disappointment.  FF10 is a great game, but why upgrade it when the fans would clearly rather have FF7 remade.

Why no love for Final Fantasy VIII – Some people (like Justin) would consider FF8 even better than FF7.  While I think FF8 is a great game, its story is not as deep, and the leveling is not as fun as FF7.  Still, with all the releases of FF7, and the HD upgrade for FF10, why has there been no word on FF8?

Final Fantasy VII was a benchmark in video games due to its graphics, epic story telling, video cut scenes, and rich characters.  It reinvigorated the RPG genre and paved the way for future fantasy titles.  It is one of the most polarizing games in history as well. Most people love it or hate it.  However, there are those who resent it because of its popularity.  I played through it again last year and was amazed at how deep the story telling is and how great the Materia magic mechanics work.

I cannot wait for the inevitable FInal Fantasy VII HD remake, but in the meantime I might have to settle for this re-release.

What do you think?  Are you a fan of Final Fantasy VII?


    • Sephiroth

      I will buy anything Final Fantasy 7 related. Can't wait for the PC release.

    • Enrique

      Final Fantasy VIII was my favorite. Took all the great parts from 3 & 7, and then expanded upon them. I even found that I liked the card game.

    • Vivi

      I think that FF7 started a series of great games. 13 was a little slow, but 13-2 was great! If it says Final Fantasy on the cover I'll buy it.

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