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“Felina” Ends the Breaking Bad Legacy [SPOILERS]

Posted on September 29, 2013 at 11:32 pm by Amanda Andonian


In the series finale of Breaking Bad, “Felina,” everything finally comes full circle. It served as the perfect bookend to six years of watching Walter White in his downward spiral, feeling as though it came to the only conclusion that it could possibly come to. As always, if you’re not caught up with the show, then there are major spoilers ahead.


Last week in “Granite State,” we were left wondering what Walt would do after seeing Eliot and Gretchen’s interview on Charlie Rose. The clear implication was that Walt would go after them for denying him the recognition he deserved for helping to start the company, and “Felina” picks up where last week left off.

After stealing a car to drive cross-country back to New Mexico, Walt cons his way to the Schwartz’s house, invading their home like a cold wind of death. It’s clear from his leisurely walk through the house that Walt thoroughly enjoyed the sense of power he got from being mere steps away from Eliot and Gretchen without their knowledge. Although we thought he was there to exact some revenge, all he really wanted was for them to set up a trust for Flynn with the left over meth money. Of course, he couldn’t resist striking some fear into their hearts, using Badger and Skinny Pete as “sniper” insurance, and give us one final humorous moment from those ridiculous stoners.

Walt’s next stop on memory lane was to visit Lydia and Todd during their weekly meeting. It’s pretty clear that Walt’s claim about a methlamine-less cooking process is all a pretext for talking to Lydia and Todd, but to what end? Why, to sneak the ricin into her tea of course! Of all the people he could have poisoned, Lydia was the last person I expected him to go after with the ricin. At the same time, it was the only way he could get to her, given how paranoid she is. I felt like it was fitting end for Lydia—her downfall came from her own strict adherence to her plans and schedules.

There were two key moments for Walt in the episode, and both centered around two of the most important people in his life: Skyler and Jesse. Taking his chance to say goodbye once and for all, Walt finally admitted to her that he wasn’t cooking meth in order to help his family, but because it made him feel good. Like Skyler, I expected Walt to continue to insist that he was only thinking of her and the kids, but Walt surprised her (and us) by confessing that, in fact, cooking meth made him feel alive. That one moment of honestly and vulnerability gave Skyler the opening she needed to allow herself to feel a little love for the man who was once her husband, and at least she could also help her sister move on since Walt also gave her the location of Hank and Gomez’s bodies.

Finally, what would Breaking Bad be if there wasn’t just one more heart-to-heart with Walt and Jesse? In one fell swoop (with the mechanical help of a jerry-rigged key fob and machine gun), Walt destroyed Jack and his gang, but saved Jesse at the last minute, taking pity on his erstwhile partner. He went in there ready to kill Jesse, but one look convinced Walt that Jesse had suffered enough and maybe didn’t deserve to suffer anymore. It was also kind of sadly poetic how Walt shot Jack in the head before he could finish bargaining over the location of the money. Whether it was a subtle tribute to Hank or just a final “f#@$ you” to Todd’s uncle, it was definitely what the bastard deserved.

Walt and Jesse’s final words to each other pretty much summed up everything between them, with Walt trying one last time to do the “right” thing by Jesse. After everything that he’s been through, though, Jesse doesn’t need revenge or validation from Walt. All he needs and wants is for the whole sorry business to be over, and for the chance to get on with his life free of the shackles that Walt put on him. Rather than let Walt off easy with a bullet to the head, Jesse threw the gun at his feet, daring Walt to end his own life.

But we know that’s not Walter White’s style. Instead, he spent his last few moments in the place he loved most—a meth lab. As he smeared a bloody handprint on one of the stainless steel tanks, smiling proudly, Walt actually got what he wanted in the end. He may have lost his family and his money, but Walt never gave up control. In his own way, he tried to make things right with everyone he wronged, but most importantly (at least to him), he ended it all on his own terms.

What did you guys think of the finale? Did it go down the way that you expected it would? Tell us your reactions in the comments!

Breaking Bad: Season 5 Episode 16, “Felina” aired September 29th on AMC.

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    • I went 2 for 3 on my predictions… I was pretty sure Walt was going to go out by making the cops shoot him, but this was much better.

      While everyone talks about how great the series finale of “Six Feet Under” was, I never watched the show. So for me, this is hands down the best finale I have ever seen.

      It deserves a slow clap of epic proportions.

      • Jess

        Six Feet Under does have the best ending you should watch it! But yeah, I think this ending did justice to the show, but I am glad it’s over I don’t think any more seasons would do it justice.

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