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Evil Dead Review – Back and Gorier Than Ever

Posted on April 4, 2013 at 8:52 am by Justin Cavender

Evil Dead Still

Evil Dead, the highly anticipated remake to Sam Raimi’s 1981 cult classic, The Evil Dead, is horrifically delightful. Director Fede Alvarez hits a homerun, and he pretty much just wrote the book on how to successfully remake a horror film. His formula has found a way to satisfy die hard fans of the original while gaining new fans in the process. I’m sold! Well done, Sir!

Evil Dead Book of the DeadThe story puts five friends in a remote cabin in the woods where an ancient evil sleeps. Mia (Jane Levy), is there to start her sobriety after pledging to rid drugs from her life. Her friends Oliva (Jessica Lucas), and Eric (Lou Taylor Pucci), along with her brother David (Shiloh Fernandez) and his girlfriend (Elizabeth Blackmore) are there for support. The pace switches gears shortly after they arrive at the cabin when they discover the book of the dead. The book’s previous owner left warning signs on nearly every page not to read from it and just leave it alone. I guess wrapping the book in a black garbage bag and sealing it with metal wire wasn’t enough. Eric is hell bent on figuring out this gnarly piece of literature, and of course reads aloud the words that awaken the demon.

The moment our new friends are exposed to the ancient evil, the audience is barely given a moment to breathe. Things go from bad to worse to just God awful in a few short moments. At first, Mia’s friends don’t believe her when she claims there is “something” in the woods. They are convinced it’s her mind playing tricks on her while her body is detoxing from drugs. Well, that hypothesis gets shut down when the gore fest is kicked into overdrive.

Evil Dead CutterVisually, Evil Dead delivers gut wrenching moments of sheer terror, and some people will probably look away. The use of prosthetics and buckets o’ blood undoubtably up the anti with the gore factor. Watching someone cut the flesh off their face with broken glass, or cutting their tongue right down the middle with a box-cutter, is definitely cringe-worthy to say the least. Is that still not enough for you? Well, how about a needle in the eye or chopping off limbs with a meat carver? Sure it’s all stuff you’ve probably seen before, but the lack of CGI gives the film an organic look which horror fans can and should appreciate.

Fede Alvarez has taken a few liberties with the story, but at its core we are still left with an Evil Dead that audiences can sit through and enjoy. There are a few subtle nods to the original, which most fans should pick up rather quickly. You can sleep soundly knowing you will see comedy, gore, excitement, horrific deaths, duct tape, dismemberment, and chainsaw wielding action. Evil Dead has it all, and I look forward to hearing your thoughts.


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    • Snackbar

      Sounds way too scary for me. I am a horror wuss.

    • Lisa

      Looks pretty gross from the red band trailer. I can't wait to see it this weekend.

    • Ash

      Fuck yeah!

    • SlashSteve83

      Saw it last night, best horror movie in a long time.


      I found the overall presentation of Evil Dead to be S-Marts top of the line. Though I did miss Ash a little. It should be Evil Dead Law that if a Deadite gets dirt thrown in its face this event must be followed by an Ash approved one-liner. The violence is up close and filled with things that cannot be unseen ever. Every dismemberment is presented in a very detailed manor making you cringe and say “oh that’s got to hurt”. Oh and blood lots and lots of blood, rivers and oceans of blood. Even though it’s not perfect I look forward to seeing it again and again.

    • Mr Horror

      Did any of you stay past the credits, there was a treat afterwards if you didn't. I have you haven't seen it like Lisa, stay till after the credits.

    • John

      I read the review and 2 drops of pee cane out, I'm afraid of what the film would cause me to do.

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