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ENORMOUS Web Series Has Giant Potential

Posted on March 20, 2014 at 12:00 pm by Jess Hicks

Today Machinima launches Enormous, their latest web series from Andre Ovredal (Trollhunter) and Ben David Grabinski (short film Cost of Living). The pilot introduces us to our rag tag rescue team as they try to save a young boy from both man and monsters. The series takes place one year after E-Day, the day the monsters attacked, and now it seems the monsters aren’t the only threat.


Not a lot is revealed in the first episode of this series but immediately I was hooked. Each character, though familiar, is interesting and entertaining. I wanted to know more about them and found myself rooting for them when the bad guys attacked. Live action web series’ are becoming ever so popular but few seems to really make a splash. Enormous has the potential to be one that lasts with it’s good cast and it’s awesome monsters.

I really look forward to seeing what exactly our main characters are up to and I can’t wait to get into more monster action. With movies like Pacific Rim and the upcoming Godzilla being so popular I think Enormous is really going to take off. We want giant monsters and we want them now!

Enormous Pilot: B

Official Plot 

The film picks up years after E Day, the worldwide attack of massive insect like beasts, as the remaining humans from all walks of life must band together to survive and fight back against the monstrous invaders. Viewers are introduced to Ellen (Ceren Lee), a mother who has lost her child, and watch as she prepares to play a major role in the human resistance. The cast also includes Steve Braun (Wrong Turn 2), and Erica Gimpel (Veronica Mars).


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