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E3 Recap: Blood Bowl II

Posted on June 18, 2015 at 9:30 am by Stephen Janes

Blood Bowl 2

The Blood Bowl franchise started from a board game that was designed to be a parody of American Football mixed in with some fantasy elements and a lot of violence. The idea for Blood Bowl was translated into several video games over the years that often missed the spark of the tabletop game and fell flat. Blood Bowl II brings back the charm of cardboard with an overly graphic display of violence and unnecessary roughness. Also, some football.

Blood Bowl II features a campaign that helps the user learn how to play the game while unlocking new content. The first match is very basic and basically spells out what you need to do, then progresses into creating your own team and allowing you to take the reigns. You can build a team from various races, such as humans, orcs, dwarves and more. Each race has various pros and cons to prevent anyone from overpowering the rest. You cannot have a team of varying races, however, which brings a more strategic value in picking who you want to play as. Blood Bowl II also features the debut of two new races; the Lizardmen and the Wood Elves.

Blood Bowl 2_Screen1

Some characters are better at fighting, while others are better at avoiding damage.

It’s important to reiterate that, while this is a parody of American Football, there is hardly any football to be played. Most of the time you spend moving your team around and tackling, trying to injure or kill the other team members. Different positions or classes of your team have different abilities, so some might be better tacklers while others are better ball handlers. You don’t really need to know how football works in order to understand or play this game, nor do you need any experience with the original board game.

It’s comically possible to eliminate the entire opposing team before even running near the football. Tackling opponents will push them away from play, while an additional attack after could kill them and take them off the field permanently. There are random hazards that could change the game, such as wizards hurling various magic spells to the field or field hazards that make the field more dangerous.

Blood Bowl 2_Screen2

Despite being a referee for a game called Blood Bowl, he doesn’t like an unfair game.

Although not shown off, the League Play feature was described as the crown jewel of the game. Players can join in a league together with their own teams and play (or fight) each other to become the champion. Not much else was described since again, there was no live demonstration, but the excitement seemed to stem from trying to bring the game back to its board game roots. Blood Bowl had a huge following when the board game was first released and there shouldn’t be any reason why those fans can’t continue their lore here.

Blood Bowl II will be released for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on September 22 and is being developed by Cyanide Studios.

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