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E3 Exclusive: Bethesda’s Wolfenstein Pays Homage to Original

Posted on June 17, 2013 at 10:12 am by Chris Teregis


Wolfenstein: The New Order is Bethesda’s newest installment in the franchise that birthed the first person shooter.  Once again, you assume the role of BJ Blazkowicz, in an alternate future where the Nazis have won World War II.   The presenter informed us that he would be showing us two elements of the game.  One to display the style and tone of the game and the other to display the gameplay.

Inglorious Bitch


The first part of the demo begins with the player on a train full of Nazis, carrying a tray of drinks.  You get to sit down with one of the game’s primary antagonists, Frau Engle and her hyper sexual, effeminate, German boy-toy, Bubi.  She puts you through an intense, psychological quiz and throws a gun in your face before allowing you to move on.  The scene is so dramatic and intense, one can’t help but be reminded of Christoph Waltz’s amazing performance in Inglorious Bastards.  So yes, the voice acting and cinematic elements of the game are definitely top notch.

The Only Good Nazi, is a Nazi Blown to Pieces With Dual Shotguns


The second part of the demo showed the combat and gameplay.  The action is frantic and intense.  It’s a very pure first person shooter, and is really just mowing down Nazis and Nazi Robots with an arsenal of weapons.  Dual-wielding shotguns, manning turrets…it’s carnage.  Some cool features that I noticed were; the ability to fire over cover and move while doing so.  It seemed immensely helpful.  Also, much of your environment is destructible, you literally can cut through grates and blast holes in crates to snag extra ammo and access secret areas.

The presenter told us that this was their love letter to the original Wolfenstein.  I got to play through a level of the game, and I can honestly say he was not lying.  This is definitely a game for the pure-action enthusiast.

Wolfenstein releases on consoles and PC in Q4 of this year.

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