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E3 Exclusive: Bethesda and The Evil Within

Posted on June 17, 2013 at 10:16 am by Chris Teregis


Shinji Mikami (Creator of Resident Evil) was the first to take the stage.  He didn’t speak English very well, but was able to tell us that The Evil Within is Shinji’s first return to the survival horror genre since Resident Evil.   He thanked us for being present before returning to his native language.  Before the gameplay demonstration began, Shinji talked at length about The Evil Within being a “pure survival horror experience, bringing truly terrifying horror to it’s roots”.  He told us that the gamer would experience “unimaginable fear, and triumph in overcoming their fears”, and then he went on to poke fun at the current state of the Resident Evil franchise by informing us that the game would not feature any “boring QTEs”.  The small audience chuckled, some even clapped.  I, in a stunning display of unprofessional journalism, let out an enthusiastic ‘Yeah.”  prompting a lot of head turning and embarrassment.  I buried my face into my notepad, and awaited the demo.

Just before the demo started, Shinji’s translator instructed us to laugh if the engineer died while playing, because the demo was live and he might die.   We all laughed and the gameplay began.

This first thing that caught my eye about the demo was the pacing.  You aren’t running, or even jogging for that matter.  You are walking slowly…very slowly.  It creates a feeling of pure tension when coupled with the eerie sounds of the score combined with the haunting sounds of rain falling on the sidewalk.  The demo progresses through an insane asylum filled with dead bodies and plenty of blood.


Being Hunted

The first part of the demo was designed to show us the “stalking” gameplay in which the game’s protagonist is actively being hunted by a massive, serial killer of Nemesis-like proportions through the halls of an insane asylum.  The demo featured an injured Sebastian, hobbling frantically away from your chainsaw-wielding pursuer.  The gameplay is a combination of stealth and chase.  The player uses his environment to distract and hide from his chainsaw wielding opponent.  There is a moment where you are hiding in a locker, and this behemoth starts sawing into the locker next to you before hurrying away.  Just watching the gameplay had my heart beating out of my chest.

Fight for Your Life

The second part of the demo was to demonstrate the combat system which was pretty straight forward.  You have a gun and some bullets…use them to shoot bad guys.  The zombie design is something to behold, each creature is so disgustingly textured, that you get uncomfortable looking at them.  After taking down an enemy, you must use a match to burn the bodies.  Otherwise, these bags of meat jump right back up and start attacking you again.  Now, we were informed that ammo would be sparse, so the player must use traps to ambush hordes of attackers.  In the demo we were shown some proximity mines that you can place under windows and doors.


The game looked smooth, horrifying, polished and fun.  A release date for The Evil Within has not been announced.  Sources say some time within 2014.

Chris Teregis is a comedian and podcast host from Los Angeles.  You can find him on Twitter @Christeregis or on

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