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Dynamite and Dark Horse Unveil Two Surprise Crossovers

Posted on October 8, 2013 at 5:02 pm by Tyler Waterman

While many comic fans define themselves by the publisher they like the most (“I’m a Marvel guy, I’m a DC gal”), one thing holds true no matter who you like best: cross-company crossovers are always cool. When characters you never expect to meet cross paths and swap punches, the spectacle is always something to behold, even if the story itself isn’t anything particularly exciting.

However, it looks like we’re about to get two crossovers where we can count on great spectacle and great tales. Dynamite and Dark Horse have joined forces, and have brought along some of their most famous characters to two crossovers that no comic fan wants to miss.

Fellow fans of two of the greatest characters in fantasy, we’re about to get the reunion we’ve been waiting for. Gail Simone and Brian Wood are bringing Conan and Red Sonja together again in two separate series. Dark Horse will publish Red Sonja/Conan, while Dynamite will publish Conan/Red Sonja, though whether they will both write both or will collaborate while writing each separately wasn’t clear. (The titling also seems odd, since Dark Horse’s series has Dynamite’s character as the lead and vice versa, but that’s how the press release states it.) Either way, it’s clear that both writers are just as excited to bring us these are we are to read them.

“Conan and Red Sonja together are a genre dream team,” said Wood, “and I’m looking forward to not only working with Gail on the story, but creating a crossover story that is epic and huge as these things should be… and something that matters, that’s relevant, and adds something to each character’s rich history.”

According to Simone, this crossover will be “sword vs. sword, Cimmerian vs. Hyrkanian, loincloth vs. bikini, and it’ll probably be the most fun you’ll have reading a comic all year.”

But the crossover magic doesn’t stop there. Not content to just bring us the best fantasy matchup we’ll see all year, Dynamite and Dark Horse also combine the classics. The aggressive Grendel and the pulp hero The Shadow come together in a three-part miniseries The Shadow vs. Grendel. Was your first thought “aw, only three issues” the same way mine was? Good news; each of those issues will be 48 pages long!

It gets even better; the entire series will be written and drawn by Grendel creator and living legend Matt Wagner. And just like Simone and Wood, Wagner is clearly just as excited as us.

“Ever since the smash success of my two previous crossover events (with Batman), I’ve had many offers over the years to see Grendel cross blades with a varied host of other characters,” said Wagner.  “But none of those opportunities ever excited me as much as this possibility.  I’ve been a huge fan of The Shadow for many, many years and my love of the character finally saw fruition when I got the chance to literally re-define his origins by writing  The Shadow: Year One for Dynamite.  To have the chance to both write and draw The Shadow facing my own creation is something of a dream come true!  It’s also adds yet another instant classic to my long legacy of Grendel projects with Dark Horse Comics.”

A 2014 window was stated for The Shadow vs. Grendel, while the press release for the Red Sonja/Conan crossovers only said that “more information would be available in the coming weeks.” Whenever these books come out, it can’t be soon enough. All the love in the world to both Dynamite and Dark Horse for these matchups, and here’s hoping this inspires even more!

Source: Dynamite and Dark Horse joint press release

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