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Dude What Comics’ “Unlawful Good” Looks Illegally Great

Posted on September 12, 2014 at 7:44 am by Tyler Waterman

Kickstarter has without a doubt been a great launching pad for independent comic projects. From established creators looking to push an independent idea, to people looking to break their way into the business, Kickstarter has been a fantastic starting point for folks trying to get their thoughts into your hands. And while not every project on Kickstarter is worth your investment, Unlawful Good from Dude What Comics is something you shouldn’t miss.


Cover art by Tony Moy

Unlawful Good is an anthology that brings together over 35 creators to tackle one consistent theme: crime. Over the course of over 160 pages of comic goodness, these creators will tackle crime in all forms, across all eras, to bring you new and unique looks at people behaving badly. Edited by Geek Legacy’s own Heather Antos, Unlawful Good shows a kind of polish not typically seen in indie Kickstarter comic projects, which speaks to the level of talent behind this project.

As with all Kickstarters, there are multiple tiers of rewards determined by your contribution, and they’re worth a look. With options ranging from prints and sketch cards all the way to original art or having your own project edited by Heather, there’s something special for every contribution made. Not made of money? A simple $15 backing will get you a digital copy of the book, and when was the last time $15 got you 160+ pages of comic goodness?

Unlawful Good can be backed here on its Kickstarter page, and I encourage you to head there right now and get behind this project! Indie books are the pulse of the comic world, and Kickstarter projects like these ensure that the next generation of comic talent gets noticed. Check out the preview pages below, then do your part to help the comic world get even better and support Unlawful Good today!


“Redbeard’s Chest” by Zakk Saam and Joe Dragunas


“The Auger” by Josh Trujillo and Elliot Baggott


“The Burning Sun” by Brian Visaggio, Bruce Gerlach, Harry Saxon and Zakk Saam


“Bang! Bang!” by Michael Herman, Brad Gischia, Lesley Atlansky and Zakk Saam


“Planet Comics #889 Excerpt” by Steve Orlando, Scott Larson, Brenton Mathena and Zakk Saam


“Knee Deep” by Corey Fryia, Jason Jimenez, Harry Saxon and Zakk Saam


“Man of 1,000 Faces” by Jay Fosgitt


“As Luck Would Have It” by Chris Sides, Travis Bramble, Kevin Roberts and Zakk Saam


“Curveballs” by Greg Wright and Jay Jacot


“The Bulldog’s Bite” by Rob Humphrey and James Kersey


“We Were Kings” by Doug Garbark, Jordan Kroeger and Zakk Saam


“Unlucky Numbers” by Chris Murrin, Leslie Gauthier, Lesley Atlansky and Zakk Saam


“Obsidian” by Heather Antos, Ted Woods and Zakk Saam


“Tisiphone” by Anthony Jurado and Nikki Sinee


“Smash and Grab” by Ian Mondrick, Adam Ferris, Brenton Mathena and Zakk Saam


“Up the River” by Mario Candelaria and Ken Leinaar


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