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Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope Packs a Super Saiyan Punch

Posted on February 24, 2015 at 3:43 pm by Justin Cavender

Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope

Robot Underdog brings DBZ to life with their pilot episode of Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope. The series is an adaptation of the History of Trunks, where in the future nearly all the Z fighters are dead and the world is at the mercy of two diabolical Androids known as 17 and 18.

Dragon Ball Z fans are in for a real treat as Robot Underdog does a fantastic job of capturing the magic of speed and power we’ve come to expect from a battle in DBZ. Watch as Gohan and Trunks fly through the air and turn up the heat Super Saiyan style–fighting tooth and nail against those evil android bastards.

The story doesn’t end here, folks. In fact, if you want to see Episode Two (of three) then you’ll want to visit Robot Underdog’s official website to donate funds.

Back in April 2014, series director Donnie McMillin, executive producer Rita McMillin, and Anton Bex, who plays Gohan, joined us on the Geek Legacy Podcast to chat about making the series. During our conversion, we discussed shooting on a budget, visual effects, choreography, and what viewers can expect from the finished product. They made a believer out of us and we’re happy to see this project off the ground.

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