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Dr. 1Up Launches on Machinima with Sad News for Solid Snake

Posted on October 3, 2014 at 11:17 am by Justin Cavender

Dr. 1Up Solid Snake

Dr. 1Up has officially launched on the re-branded Machinima Prime for your geeky-gaming viewing pleasure. In the series, Dr. 1Up, played by Noel Carroll, will treat patients from some our favorite video games and giving us a little insight to their ailments and personal lives. Lucky for us, doctor-patient confidentiality has gone out the window. Working along side Dr. 1Up is Nurse Janet, played by YouTube personality Bree Essrig, whom must also deal with silly patients out in the waiting room.

In the series premiere, Dr. 1Up delivers some painful news to Solid Snake (Matthew Mercer), who can’t seem to sit still long enough without hiding in a box or delivering a dramatic monologue. Metal Gear fans are in for a treat as we revisit some old themes from the beloved franchise. Plus, it’s nice to know that Snake is clear of the Foxdie virus and left in the capable hands of Dr. 1Up. Lastly, adding Joel and Ellie from The Last of Us was a nice touch and fun way to open the series. We certainly look forward to the next episode.

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