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Doctor Who Season 7 Premiere Confirmed For Sept 1st?

Posted on August 17, 2012 at 10:11 am by Amanda Andonian

There’s a bit of rumbling going on in the blogosphere that the Doctor Who season 7 premiere will take place on September 1st, and supposedly the news comes from Moffett himself at a screening of ‘Asylum of the Daleks’ at the British Film Institute in London, but the BBC hasn’t confirmed this date yet (or at least they haven’t updated their website).

I think the fact that no major websites are reporting that this is the start date is a pretty big clue that perhaps this news is jumping the gun a bit. It seems kind of strange that the premiere would be announced only two weeks prior, but maybe British television works differently than it does here in the States? Promos on BBC America still state that Doctor Who is just coming back in the “fall”, so I sort of suspect we might not be seeing new episodes until late September, if not OCtober.

Besides, who has a TV premiere on Labor Day weekend? Yes, yes, I know that it isn’t a British holiday, but still. America is the center of the universe, amirite?

In any case, here some of the stills that we mentioned on the podcast.

Pretty flipping awesome, aren’t they? You can see the whole gallery here.


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