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Disney to buy LucasFilm sets release date for STAR WARS EPISODE VII

Posted on October 30, 2012 at 1:44 pm by David "Snackbar" Edmundson


Disney is paying $4.05 billion to buy Lucasfilm Ltd., the production company behind Star Wars, from its chairman and founder, George Lucas. It’s also making a seventh movie in the Star Wars series.

The Walt Disney Co. announced the agreement to make the purchase in cash and stock Tuesday. Disney added that Star Wars Episode 7 is scheduled for release in 2015.
The deal brings Lucasfilm under the Disney banner with other brands including Pixar, Marvel, ESPN and ABC.

Kathleen Kennedy, the current co-chairman of Lucasfilm, will become its president and report to Walt Disney Studios Chairman Alan Horn. Lucas will be creative consultant on new “Star Wars” films.

Lucas said in a statement,

“It’s now time for me to pass `Star Wars’ on to a new generation of filmmakers.”

I don’t have words right now. I don’t know how I feel. As a lifelong Star Wars super fan I have to digest this to see how I feel.

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    • randommonkey78

      I don't like the idea of them making a 7th Star Wars film when Lucas is still alive. It's like watching someone else raising your kids when you're still alive and strong. Then they move next door so you have to them raise your kids.

    • If anyone has the power to sustain Lucas' vision for generations to come, it's Disney. Now that I've had a couple hours to digest this news I can say I'm pretty excited about it, and confident that it'll be done "right."

      And of course I'm still hoping for a childhood dream of mine to come true: an all-Star Wars theme park!!!

      • Jennifer

        I know it's been a few days since the announcement but I think I'm on board now too. Admittedly, at first I was like, WHAT THE HELL? But I think you're right. If anyone can do it "right", Disney can. (Just as long as we're not playing Hidden Mickey in the new films.)

    • Tom

      There's a cool countdown timer for you to count the days till Episode VII! It's probably coming out on May 21, 2012 –

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