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Disney Reboots The Rocketeer?

Posted on August 21, 2012 at 6:26 pm by Randy

The RocketeerGood news for Rocketeer fans(a category in which I can definitely not include fellow Geek Legacy creators David and Justin).  It looks like Disney is entertaining the idea of rebooting the franchise!  Although the original 1991 movie was neither financially, nor critically successful, it has developed a strong fan base over the years.  Let’s face it, it was kind of like an airborne Indiana Jones.  Heck, even this movie poster says so!


The RocketeerThe director, Joe Johnston had a huge hand in creating the look of the original Star Wars trilogy, including helping create the iconic look of Boba Fett.  So, maybe my love for the Fett helps explain my affinity for the Rocketeer.  That, and I had a huge crush on the young Jennifer Connelly, but then again what teenage boy didn’t?  The biggest bummer about the original film was a lack of merchandising to go along with it.  Maybe now we’ll finally get some Rocketeer action figures!

It is odd that Disney has decided to resurrect this over-twenty-year-old property, but maybe the new studio chief, Alan Horn has a trick up his sleeve.  The studio is currently meeting with writers, so we can’t speculate on a story yet, but I’m hoping it still takes place in the thirties.  Although a modern interpretation could be fun too.  Stay tuned here at Geek Legacy and we’ll keep you updated!

    • I still have a crush on Jennifer Connelly.

      • Me too, but as she aged she lost a lot of her voluptuousness…. If ya know what I mean. It's just not the same now. Did you ever see Career Opportunities? She was super hot in that one too, and it was also released in 1991.

    • JediJay

      Can. Not. Wait. Seriously, I loved this movie! Don't F it up, Disney!

    • Snackbar

      So if remakes of good movies are terrible. It'll be interesting to see if the reverse is true.

      • Well the post says reboot, not remake. Either way, can it get any worse? I'll have to keep that in mind when I watch Dredd.

        • The only reason I referred to it as a reboot, is because it sounds like they're trying to make it viable as a series, and not just a stand alone movie… Or so the rumors go.

    • How can you hate The Rocketeer? The answer is you can't, what's wrong, guys?

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