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Diablo 3 Adding Paragon System

Posted on August 20, 2012 at 5:27 pm by Justin Cavender

According to the latest Diablo 3 blog post, Patch 1.0.4 will be adding a new Paragon leveling system for characters at the current level cap of 60. Any experience points gained from killing monsters will count towards the 100 Paragon levels. Each Paragon level will reward characters with an increase in core stats (Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, and Vitality). Paragon levels will also award 3% Magic Find and Gold Find, capping at 300%. Additionally, a border will surround your character portrait in the party frame to represent your Paragon progression. Other players will be able to see your Paragon level where your normal level is shown.

It’s no secret many players are upset with the current state of Diablo 3, and Blizzard is certainly making quite an effort to please the masses with patch 1.0.4. In addition to the Paragon System, there will be several system changes, as well as class improvements for the barbarian, demon hunter, monk, witch doctor, and wizard.

Game Director for Diablo 3, Jay Wilson said “Two of the issues we’ve been thinking about while working on patch 1.0.4 have been what to do with Magic Find and how to give level-60 players who aren’t satisfied with the item hunt something more to strive for.”

Magic Find
As you may remember, we posed a number of possible solutions to the gear-swapping issue and asked you to give us your feedback. While we saw some support for a couple of the options, what your responses ultimately told us was that although having to swap into Magic Find gear mid-fight annoyed some of you greatly, others were ambivalent, didn’t gear swap themselves, or — in a few cases — wanted to see gear-swappers penalized in some fashion. Those who do swap gear generally do so for the raw power advantage it gives, so we wanted any solution we went with to provide the same level of power. Overall, our analysis of the situation really hammered home one stark truth: we needed to come up with a way to make our Magic Find system more fun.

Level 60 Rewards
We understand that some players feel frustrated once they hit level 60 because they no longer feel like they’re making progress. It can be demoralizing to play for an hour, not get any drops, and also be out a big chunk of gold from repair costs. Your play session may not only end without an upgrade, it can wind up being a net loss. Everyone wants to feel like they’re making some progress when they log in, even if they don’t get that new sword.

With the release of World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria on the horizon, players may argue these system changes are too late. Unfortunately, Blizzard needs feedback from players in order to make improvements. Perhaps if there was a level 60 beta prior to release, the improvements in patch 1.0.4 could have made it to launch.

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