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Dexter: “What’s Eating Dexter Morgan?” Review

Posted on July 14, 2013 at 10:50 pm by Jeff Mueller

Dexter Season 8

Three episodes down, nine to go!

I look at the episode counter and wonder how many more turns this season is going take before wrapping things up. Now, while Dexter is notorious for having a mid-season slump I was hoping that they were going to avoid it this season seeing as they have so much to tie up before leaving our Sunday nights serial-killer free; I am not sure how they are going to pull it off though.

The majority of this episode focused on Deb crashing to, what I hope is, rock-bottom. While Jennifer Carpenter continues to crush it as “damaged Deb” it is beginning to get painful to watch and I can only hope that how we ended the episode is a sign that we will now see her on the upswing. Don’t get me wrong, it was heart breaking watching her sit in her car, drunk, watching that video of the man she saved over and over again (especially once the camera panned back and we realized we were in front of Miami Metro) but I think any more of this will start either desensitizing the audience to her emotional state or even possibly turn people against her character.

What's Eating Dexter Morgan?

“You admitted to being the cause of her pain, what makes you think you can be the solution?” – Dr. Vogel

Ultimately, Deb’s storyline (and everything that intersects with it) continues to be what I care about right now, so all the other stuff happening really felt like more of a distraction. The whole Bautista putting Quinn up for Sergeant side-plot would be another in a long line of stories that would be dropped by the wayside if the show weren’t coming to an end, I feel like Quinn and Jamie’s romance troubles are forced and a waste of good screen time and I still have zero vested interested in the “Brain Surgeon” hunt. Like I mentioned last week, I get that we needed a reason to involve Dr Evelyn Vogel in the story but can we just get on with it? The whole cannibal diversion this week felt like just an excuse to get a kill scene into the show!

I would rather see more of the “Psychopath Whisperer” lay down some creepy insight about Dexter. While I don’t trust her motives, not in the least, I do think she is bringing a lot of value to this final examination of Dexter Morgan. Trying to understand what makes him tick has always been one of the main draws for this show, so it is nice to get this clinical view of him. Some of tonight’s insights were particularly interesting! Finding out it was she who crafted “The Code”‘s first rule, “Don’t get caught”, was interesting to say the least  and her frighteningly logical query of why Dexter didn’t just kill Deb when she discovered he was a serial killer was pretty powerful. I found it pretty interesting how she keeps challenging his love for his sister, explaining that everything he uses for a reason as to why he loves her all just points back to a selfish need. I don’t know if she is saying these things to manipulate Dexter, but it is something I have often thought myself.

While this season has been pretty low on the humor quotient so far, I found some very unintentional laughs out of the call backs to Quinn and Deb’s failed romance. The fact Deb was so clueless as to how she hurt Quinn, and how she gives it no thought that she is still friends with someone she spurned, felt like a pretty unintentional meta look at how the writers seem to forget this stuff too. Definitely made me chuckle.

“Suicides. Makes our lives so much easier.” – Masuka

While it is still too early to speculate, I can’t help but wonder if Vogel’s explanation to Dexter about Deb killing La Guerta being a real act of love, one of true of sacrifice, some sort of foreshadowing? Is this how it will all end? Will Dexter give some sort of selfless sacrifice to somehow save Deborah in some sort of attempt to prove that he truly does care for his sister like a “normal” person? That has been the subject of many an episode, Dexter trying to become more than a psychopath and to experience real emotional connections and feelings, so in a way it would be a poetic way for things to come full circle. Who knows, with 9 more episodes to go it is hard to say… but for right now that’s my theory!

My Score: B

So let us know what you thought! What child drinks Pepto Bismol without flinching?!? Are Quinn and Deborah going to ultimately end up back together? Who else, besides me, would watch an entire show dedicated to Masuka creeping on women? How do you think this is going ultimately end?!?! Get to commenting below!

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Dexter: Season 8, Episode 3 “What’s Eating Dexter Morgan?” aired July 14, 2013 on Showtime.

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