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About Last Night: Dexter Season 7 Episode 3 – “Buck the System”

Posted on October 15, 2012 at 10:14 am by Jeff Mueller

Dexter Season 7There is a certain bitter-sweetness when you know a show is going to end, but rarely do you get to know that far in advance when it will be time to move on.  In the case of Dexter we have been given more than fair warning that we have two more seasons of kills to go, which is more notice than most shows get. While this gives the writers ample time to wrap up their side-stories and develop a fitting end for the main, and supporting, characters it also means that viewers will probably be a little more critical knowing that we should be building towards that impending end. I feel I am falling a bit into that trap as the credits rolled this week. I thought the episode was good but not great. Is that because I am being more critical of it now, or have the years of suspending disbelief and poor supporting character development finally jaded me? I feel as if this episode would have happened in Season 5 I would be raving about it…

Anyway, enough of me psychoanalyzing myself, let’s look at what went down in Miami this week because we had some seriously good stuff happening, that’s for sure!

The constant theme of the show is always on how broken Dexter really is, and it really seems to be front and center so far this season. Dexter going postal and then performing a rage-induced tracheotomy on Masuka? Awesomely twisted! Those initial kills, while all occurring in Dexter‘s damaged psyche, serve as a reminder of exactly just how close to the edge Dexter really is. It is pretty frightening when you think about it. What reminded me of just how messed up it is that we cheer for a psychopath every week though is the scene after Dexter saves Deb from Speltzer’s House of Crazy Viking Death-Metal. It was that brief, but masterfully, played moment by Michael C. Hall where he watches Deb’s reaction to the victim being carted out of the house. That slight, but devilish smirk, as he realizes that while his prey escaped that this could be a turning point in getting her to understand his methods and accept them.  What goes through both of their minds at that point is so telling; Deb feels guilt and remorse that she couldn’t save the girl, and Dexter sees her as a piece of meat with no value other than is manipulation of his sister. Downright chilling.

The other major positive side of the episode was Ray Stevenson continuing to deliver as this season’s heavy. I like the less is more approach, as it makes the scenes he is in that much more effective. More importantly Lewis is gone! I love how they got rid of him, but I hate that we will never know now why Lewis latched onto Dexter the way he did. I have a hard time believing that he went through all that trouble obtaining the Ice Truck Killer evidence and mailing it to Dexter all because he shot down his video game idea. While it is better solution than the series’ historical method of simply dropping the side plot without any closure, it still isn’t the most satisfying.

Where this episode falters is the same place I felt Episode 2 fell short, with how Deb is coping with the situation. I can’t really fault the writers for how they are dealing with this, as the situation is so extraordinary there is no way to say whether or not her reaction is realistic. The problem is how rushed it all feels. I can believe Deb would come around eventually, but I can’t believe it would happen so quickly! It just seems as if they are rushing through this to get to something else… the problem is that this is the interplay a lot of viewers are most interested in. We have built to this for 6 seasons, let us savor it!!!

Finally one random thought; I hope Dexter doesn’t straight up throw the fact a lot of Deb’s success is based around his murderous ways (We came dangerously close last night). Deb has taken the brunt of so much emotional trauma let her have the confidence that she doesn’t owe her professional success on on her brother. Please?

What are you hoping unfolds this season? Let us know!




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