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About Last Night: Dexter Season 7 Episode 1 “Are You…?”

Posted on September 30, 2012 at 9:50 pm by Jeff Mueller

Well, Dexter is back, and it did not disappoint!

Dexter Season 7Historically when this show ends strong, all plot issues can be forgiven, and the season premier is no exception to that rule. Before we get to the HOLY.CRAP! ending let’s take a look at what went down in Miami.

The episode started with a Breaking Bad-ish opening showing Dexter making a hurried escape to the airport, his gas guage hovering over E and his bags packed with cash and passports. An argument could be made that it was all a moment in Dexter’s mind after he is caught murdering Travis Marshall  by his step-sister Deb, but there is that odd moment of the credit cards being declined which makes sense in the context of the on-going subplot with Louis. Not 100% sure how to take it too be honest.

The show has always excelled when it focuses on the Deborah-Dexter dynamic and it certainly looks like there will be a lot of that this season. The scenes where Dexter tries talking his way out of what seems like an impossible situation are tense and full of great moments. Say what you will about how the character is sometimes written, but Jennifer Carpenter always delivers a spectacular performance and makes it easy to see what exactly is going on in Deb’s head. The interplay of Dexter’s manipulations and of Deb’s mental piecing together of what was going on was delicious!

It is sometimes hard to tell exactly what emotions are supposed to be sincere and what are simple faked social conventions or manipulative ploys by Dexter, but the childhood flash back sequences helped anchor the fact that he truly cares about Deb and wants to spare her feelings if he can.  Its these sort of human moments that help us understand why we root, week after week, for a serial killer.

As far as what looks to be this season’s crime plot, the Ukranian mafia, I will hold my judgement for the moment. I realize the focus of the episode needed to be on Deb’s witnessing of the murder from last season but this just felt very much shoehorned into the middle of the show. Let’s see how it unfolds; hopefully not taking too prominent of a plot role. At least not until some of the big outstanding issues are resolved (Louis I am looking directly at you.)

Speaking of outstanding issues, it was nice seeing a lot of call backs to previous seasons. References to the Ice Truck killer and to Sgt Doakes were sprinkled throughout and the Quinn-Bautista sub-plot from last season seems to have carried over. Hopefully as the season rolls on, more and more things will be brought full circle or to closure. With only 2 more seasons left for the show it is time to tie up a lot of these loose ends and get on with the focus on Dexter himself.

And what a way to focus on Dexter than the last 2 minutes of the episode?!? The entire episode I kept thinking that Deb was going to just go into a fit of denial and push things back for at least another episode or two and then there is that epic reveal as Dexter open his apartment door to find her there, amidst a torn apart living room, and his slides on the table in front of her! I don’t know how I expect Deb to take the news, it could go a few different ways and it is obviously way too early to speculate.

However the show takes this new dynamic, I hope the focus stays on it as the main emphasis of the season. This is too big to resolve in an episode or three in my opinion and would be a disservice to the fact that we have been leading up to this point since Season 1. What do you think? Still a fan? Want La Guerta to get hit by a bus? Want to tell me your theory on Louis and his nefarious plot? Comment away!


    • I haven't seen the sixth season yet, but knowing that Deb finds out makes me want to catch up right away!

      Anyone else think it's weird that Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter were married? I think it's weird.

      • Mr. The Plague

        Yeah the sixth season was pretty fun. The fourth is still my favorite though. Go go Trinity.

        • thejerd

          Season 1 and Season 4 I felt were the strongest.

    • Man that computer dude needs to go. He's a total creep-o and I'm ready for him to be on the table.

      • thejerd

        Yeah, I don't get what is going on with him yet or why he got obsessed with Dexter. Anyway, glad I am no the only one watching! Next weeks review will be more coherent, no more writing articles while half-asleep!

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