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Dexter: “Scar Tissue” When Siblings Attack

Posted on July 21, 2013 at 10:28 pm by Jess Hicks

Welcome boys and girls! It is I, the amazing Jess, here to review this weeks episode of Dexter while Jerd is basking in the glow of comic-con. So put away your jealousy and let’s take a look at this week’s very revealing episode, “Scar Tissue”.

I was really wondering what was going to happen with Deb this episode, after her break down last week I didn’t see any hope of her turning around instantly. It seems I was half right, Deb definitely isn’t coming around to Dexter’s way of life anytime soon but she is starting to climb out of her deep dark PTSD hole. So let’s get cracking on some of the major points of this week’s episode:

Dr. Vogel We Knew You Were Up To No Good!

I have been speculating all season on what is up with this lady because it is clear her intentions we not loving. After investigating yet another one of Vogel’s woe-begotten former “patients”, Dexter stumbles across Vogel’s patient records and discovers she has been documenting everything  they discuss in her notes. Obviously Dexter is outraged and decides that once this case with the “The Brain Surgeon” (I really hate that name) is done she will be out of his life.

vogel dexter

I figured that a new book was pretty much her goal by working with Dexter but her continuous notion to shrug off the way Dexter feel’s about Deb also leads me to believe Vogel isn’t one for admitting she is wrong. Perhaps the genuine love Dexter has is a sign that he wasn’t always meant to be a killer. Maybe he could have been different if his energy was focused on something else?

The Brain Surgeon Revealed!

I find it to be a pretty big coincidence that EVERY single one of Vogel’s patients has become a serial killer. I mean, I live in Ohio so I’m pretty familiar with how many there can be, but this seems a little much. It seems Dexter has come up against a worthy foe this season in the Surgeon, he isn’t as cocky or well known as some of the others. Instead he is more cunning and detail oriented like Dexter himself. He also isn’t afraid to knock off people he cares about in order to save himself. Something Dexter can’t do.


I really hope this guy is for sure The Brain Surgeon because I don’t know how many more false leads I can take before they become stale and annoying. I am seeing somewhat of a parallel between Dex and Yates but I can’t quite put my finger on it yet!

Deb Just Can’t Deal

Alright, so it isn’t exactly fair to ask Deb to just accept that her brother is a serial killer. For a while she almost believes she can until Vogel lends her a video of her dad saying he can’t live with the Dex is. Deb puts two and two together realizing Harry didn’t really die of a heart attack but actually killed himself.

deb and dexter

I feel so bad for Deb because she just wants to be a good person but she can’t shake her love, platonic or otherwise, for her brother. So when she went to visit Dex and he made time for her I really started to feel glad for her. Until she sent their car plummeting into a lake at 50mph. Even though she dove back in for Dexter I can’t see her coming back from this in one piece. Poor Deb.

Masuka, Quinn and Batista

I’m lumping these guys all in together because quite frankly I’ve been bored of them for 2 years. Masuka’s big reveal this episode that he might be a dad was eye roll inducing. I can see it now, his story will be wrapped up in a new found sense of decency and respect for women. Which is fine but oh how I just don’t care.

masuka daughter

Quinn and Batista on the other hand seem to be falling into their predecessors roles. Batista is turning into a Laguerta like figure while Quinn is essentially becoming like Batista used to be. I get that they need to evolve before the series ends but jeeze is their story boring. And for the record, being a girl, I don’t agree with Jamie totally but I would probably be a little upset if my boyfriend was running to his ex-fiance every chance he got.


Essentially this season is very Deb oriented, which I’m okay with. I can’t wait till next week to find out how Dex takes being almost killed by his sister who was the one constant in his life. Also, is Harrison’s new imaginary elephant going to become some sort of problem or was that just some random thing to remind us that he exists? Let us know what you thought!

Dexter “Scar Tissue” Grade: A

Dexter episode 4 “Scar Tissue” aired on Sunday July 21st, 2013 on Showtime

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