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Dexter “Leaving Miami”- Good Luck With That

Posted on September 8, 2013 at 9:52 pm by Jess Hicks

Two episodes left until we say goodbye to our lovable yet confounding serial killer, Dexter Morgan. Tonight we had murder, heartbreak and even a little child neglect so let’s get into it shall we? From here on out there will be spoilers, you’ve been warned. 

So let’s start with the heartbreak and save the murder for last. Hannah and Dexter have been planning their get away to Argentina for a few episodes now and it looks like they finally might actually be able to pull it off after Dex takes care of Vogel’s son, aka the brain surgeon (which I’m still kind of peeved about). One can’t skip town so easily though and for Dexter the longer it takes the more likely it is that Hannah will be caught. I’d like to take this time to vent about something that has been bothering me since Hannah came back. If I were a serial killer trying to lay low the first thing I would do is change my hair and buy some new eye ware. Dexter has always been so careful with his kills that it absolutely infuriates me that he wouldn’t think to maybe chop all her blond hair off and dye it black or something!

Dexter and Hannah

So now it’s time to break the news to Deb that he is going to be running away to Argentina with Harrison and Hannah, which to me is kind of a dick move. I mean, after all Deb went through from killing Laguerta to hiding his girlfriend away, who killed Deb’s would be boyfriend mind you, she now just has to accept her only family is leaving the country? Sure, she is probably better off without him in her life but it still really sucks. But at least she has Quinn! Oh, don’t be surprised we all saw that coming 3 seasons ago.

Like I said, leaving the country isn’t so easy. Which brings me to the child neglect portion of this review. Harrison was supposed to be the one thing that grounded Dexter. At the beginning Dexter was all about doing everything he could for his son, remember when we spent a whole season with Dexter worrying his son would be a killer like daddy? Well, turns out the audience doesn’t really care about his kid so Dexter got a nanny and we didn’t really see much of Harrison anymore, which was fine by me. Now that Hannah is in the mix Harrison has become more of a focal point but Dexter still isn’t quite getting this parenting thing and neither is Hannah. After letting Harrison run on a treadmill after half-assing an attempt to stop him he falls and cuts his chin wide open thus causing Hannah to go out in public to the ER. Why she didn’t call Deb after  Dexter didn’t answer is beyond me, but off she goes to one of the busiest places in a city. Of course this triggers suspicion and gets our bounty hunter back on the trail.

Dexter Says Goodbye

A bounty hunter might not be the biggest of Dex’s trouble though, it looks like “The Brain Surgeon” isn’t going to be easily caught. After convincing Vogel that her son is hopeless she agrees to help Dexter catch him. Unfortunately for Vogel, Oliver has some serious Norman Bates-like qualities and is not falling for any of her tricks. As Dexter runs up to his “spiritual mother’s” (so glad they didn’t over use that term) home he gets a first hand look as Oliver splits his mother’s throat. Though I’m not really sure how Dexter got back to caring about her so quickly it was pretty sad to watch him cling to her as she spewed blood everywhere.

And that brings us to now, Deb is back to her “family” at the force and with Quinn while Dexter and Hannah are about to have a bitch of a time with her bounty hunter and his vendetta against Oliver. It’s hard for me to see this coming to a happy ending, I mean sure I can see Dexter, Hannah and Harrison escaping on his boat while Deb and everyone on the force find their own sort of contentment but I don’t really want that. I like Dexter but I don’t see a happy ending being the way for him to go out and I don’t see prison either. No, for me the best way to end would be in Dexter’s death.

During this episode Harry pushes a lot for Dexter to remember who he is and telling him he has to finish off Oliver instead of leaving silently. For me this is a push from the writers to show us we shouldn’t get to comfortable with the Dexter we have now which leads me to believe he isn’t getting out of Miami easily, or at all. The only end that would upset me is if they killed off Deb or sent her to prison while Dexter got away.

What do you all want in these final two episodes? Should Hannah go to prison or should they go out Bonnie and Clyde style? Does anyone care about Masuka and his daughter? Leave us a comment below!

“Leaving Miami”- B 

Dexter, “Leaving Miami” aired September 8th, 2013 on Showtime

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