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Dexter: “Every Silver Lining” Review

Posted on July 7, 2013 at 8:25 pm by Jeff Mueller

Dexter Season 8

Two episodes down, ten to go!

If someone asked me what the best way to describe this episode was, I would have to use a term like “slow burn” or something similar. I am realizing that it is going to be difficult rating each individual episode on it’s own merits, when it is so obvious that every little step is just setting us up for whatever the writers have in store for us at the end.

A lot of things happened this episode, but it is really hard to determine what was actually important in the grand scheme of things. We got more of the inescapable Angel and Quinn side-plots, which at this point I just assume is there to fill up air-time. I can’t fathom how any of this is going to meaningfully play into the ultimate outcome of the main storyline and I am about 3 seasons past giving a crap about them. That really only leaves three things to focus on:

The Brain Surgeon killer, Dr Vogel and Deb’s out of control spiral.

I get that there is a formula to “Dexter“, I do… but there is  part of me that hoped we could abandon the whole serial killer hunting serial killer angle for this last season and really focus on cleaning up all the loose ends. Unfortunately, we are in for yet another serial killer terrorizing Miami (obviously the most dangerous city in the world.) Now, this obviously is the mechanism needed to get us to the Dr. Vogel story and its reveals, I just wish there was another way. The formula has grown a little stale for me and there is so much more going on that interests me right now. Even the obvious “twist” (if you can even call it that) that the killer is some sort of mastermind failed to pique my interest; what does have me curious though is how this all relates to Dr. Vogel, who became a much more interesting character tonight.

“Miami makes more corpses than sunburns.” – Dexter Morgan

I have to be honest, I didn’t like the introduction of Dr. Evelyn Vogel last week. She seemed too smart, too forced and too Lundy-esque. By the time tonight’s episode ended I was left really creeped out by her though, not just because of how easily she seems to be able to manipulate Dexter but because I am not convinced she has our titular character’s best interests at heart.

I still am trying to decide how I feel about the revelation that she helped Harry shape who Dexter has become, but it makes sense when you think about it. Would Harry really have been able to train him to channel his urges and come up with the code all on his own? Probably not, so this definitely brings some clarity to those early years. I am hoping that this will not only help us really come to better understand the lead character before he is gone for good, but also that this quickly becomes the main focus of things as the season progresses. As always, one cannot take characters at face value on this show so I am not for one second buying her supposedly altruistic interest in Dexter’s well-being. Her shady ethical past, the way she is pulling Dexter’s strings, her involvement with this new killer running amok… none of it sits right with me and I am waiting for something to go wrong here.

However it turns out, the scenes between them are excellent.

Dexter - Every Silver Lining

“You keep talking about me like I’m some sort of alternate species.” – Dexter Morgan

Finally we really get to understand exactly how much of a death-wish Deb seems to have developed. Her life has become a swirling vortex of self-loathing and self-medication, and it is almost to the point of it being like a train-wreck you can’t look away from as it happens before your eyes. I truly hope that there is some sort of redemption for her as the season moves forward, as I would hate the “Old Deb” to be dead as Dexter seems to think she is. I also really hope they fix some of the pacing issues that occasionally plague this show. By the time they got to Dexter figuring out it was actually Deb that shot “El Sappo” I had figured it out, made a sandwich and written half this review. If the writers want to keep us guessing I am cool with it, I just think it would be much more effective with tighter pacing.

My Score: B-

So let us know what you thought! Where the f@ck is Harrison now (That kid is Miami’s version of Carl from TWD…)?!? Is it just me or was this entire episode layer upon layer of “Do this for me because you owe me“? Is changing your main character’s origin story in the last season of the show a good idea? Is there a single person watching this show that gives a crap about Quinn dating Jaime?!? Get to commenting below!

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Dexter: Season 8, Episode 2 “Every Silver Lining” aired July 7, 2013 on Showtime.

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