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Dexter: “A Little Reflection” Review

Posted on August 4, 2013 at 8:48 pm by Jeff Mueller

Dexter Season 8

Six episodes down, six to go!

Well, we have hit the halfway point this season and I was pretty much ready to pat myself on the back for calling the impending mid-season slump (not that it would have been anywhere near a Nostradamus-like prediction) until the very final scene.

Holy sh*t, I did not see that coming. At all!

Before we get into that shocking reveal though, let’s talk about the rest of this very by-the-numbers episode.

“I keep thinking the dead chick spilled all that blood just for me.” – Zach Hamilton

The plot of tonight’s episode mainly revolves around Zach Hamilton, who evidently is going to be Dexter’s new “intern”. When I first sat down to write this review I thought I was on the fence about my feelings on the subject, but as I tapped on my keyboard it became clearer and clearer to me that I really don’t like where this is going.

While there are aspects of this character I enjoy (did anyone else notice how he looked very much like a young Dexter in his “kill clothes”?) I feel as though we have been down this road one too many times for it to feel like anything but a retread. In so many ways! This is the second time, in two seasons, that Dexter has decided mid-kill to spare someone he’s already got strapped to his table; down to the same last minute fake-out cut of the knife that slashes the plastic bonds rather than a major artery. Add to that the fact that this calls back memories of Season 3, and Miguel Prado, and I just find it hard to get excited for where this is obviously going. I really can’t see it playing out any other way than Dexter eventually killing him. Probably before he, oh I don’t know, attempts to kill him or someone he cares about. We’ve never seen that before have we?!?

Don’t get me wrong, the writers could go in a couple other directions with this… Zach could end up killing Dexter; passing the torch, so to speak, in a very poorly thought out manner, but I can’t see the writers giving the fans the finger like that. Or Vogel’s manipulative ways cloud Dexter’s judgement enough that he goes through with training his murderous padawan, but then we are left with two righteous serial killers which doesn’t sound satisfying at all. The appeal of the show is that Dexter is obviously a very special case; if we let Vogel and Dexter prove that nurture is more powerful than nature don’t we really cheapen the whole 8 season ride we have been on?

Dexter - A Little Reflection

So what else got under my skin this episode? A few things…

First of, while we are still on the subject of Dexter and Zach; is it just me or does Dexter never seem to learn from his own mistakes? For someone who is supposed to be so smart he just seems to be doomed to repeat the same poor choices over and over again. It has become more than a little distracting if you ask me. Also, who else thinks it is weird that he is justifying his desire to mentor Zach because he can’t bond, or share his dark secrets, with his own son.You know, the annoying kid that is raised by a nanny and shows up on screen for one whole minute an episode… and is FOUR YEARS OLD! Exactly what kind of secrets does Dexter expect to share with a kindergartener? While we are on the subject of Harrison, did anyone else find it laughable when Cassie says she already knows Dexter is a great dad? No way Jamie says anything other than how Dexter is absentee all the time!

“Suddenly you’re worried about ethics?” – Dexter Morgan

Vogel has quickly settled back into her routine of manipulation. I wonder if she, and her dead reptilian eyes, are actually doing Deb any good with her PTSD therapy or if that is somehow going to come back in a few episodes? I have not the slightest bit of trust for the character, and it was nice to see Deb start showing the intuitive detective side of herself that was so prevalent early in the series. She’s absolutely right, it is definitely creepy that Vogel seems to know every little detail about her and Dexter’s lives but they absolutely nothing about her. I don’t think we have seen the last of this story-arc, that’s for sure!

I almost want to name this segment of the review “Who gives a crap about Miami Metro?” because I feel like a broken record every week, but this week was so laughable I just can’t help myself. I want to go back and watch previous episodes but I swear they must have filmed 100 different takes of Bautista and Matthews at one time and are just parsing one or two of them into each episode. I wouldn’t be surprised going back if Bautista wasn’t wearing the exact same shirt every time they argue about Quinn in a hallway. It is so cookie-cutter and no-one gives a crap. It has gotten to the point where every time Bautista is on screen I get irritated because I know my time is about to be wasted and my intelligence is going to get insulted. Enough is enough!

Finally, I guess we need to talk about the minute of the show; who else sat straight up when Hannah appeared in that doorway asking “Remember me?” I know I did! Now, I have no idea what this monkey wrench is going to do to the storyline but it can only be good as I was getting quite bored of Vogel and her “Brain Surgeon.” This small, 30 second, moment really saved this week’s episode for me and has me really anxious to see what happens next week!

My Score: B-

So let us know what you thought! Did anyone else vomit in their mouth a little at the thought of peanut-butter/Nutella french fries? Is that bloody stuffed animal going to pop back up again? Is it just me or is Elway basically David Caruso, but with a personality? Is there a single person who cares about Masuka’s daughter? What’s your theory on how this is going to end?!?! Get to commenting below!

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Dexter: Season 8, Episode 6 “A Little Reflection” aired August 4, 2013 on Showtime.

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