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“Death In Heaven” – Doctor Who Season Finale

Posted on November 9, 2014 at 12:03 pm by Darth Shiva


“Clara Oswald never existed.  I am the Doctor.”  That’s quite the statement and certainly an exciting way to start off our season finale, “Death in Heaven”.  As always, spoilers abound, ye have been warned!

doctor missyLast week, we learned our favorite Time Lordian villain, the Master, is still alive, having regenerated into the form of Missy, short for Mistress, and she has been hard at work storing the minds of the recently deceased into a rather large hard drive of Time Lord technology.  She has also given them a bit of an upgrade, in the form of Cybermen, another recognizable Whovian enemy.  Cybermen used to be men and women who were upgraded into a metal body, but who have had all emotions removed, so they can destroy worlds without question.  The Doctor learns that Missy has created enough Cybermen to put one in each major city around the world, and they each fly into the sky and disintegrate into particles that will pollinate the graveyards in order to make millions upon millions of themselves using the consciousnesses of the recently deceased Missy has been storing.

death in heaven 1With some guest appearances by characters we met in “The Day of the Doctor”, we find that when an alien incursion of this scale is put into effect, there are protocols that have been enacted to countermand the destruction of the Earth.  The Doctor becomes the President of the World, ironically something that the Master was after every time he’s made an appearance on our planet, and finds out from Missy that she knows how to get to Gallifrey, which is in a different dimension, but not quite as lost as the Doctor thought.

Doctor-Who-Dark-Water-Clara-CybermanIn the meantime, Clara has her own problem and is trying to talk her way out of being murdered by the Cybermen by convincing them she is in fact the Doctor, and that Clara was just an invention.  It seems that Danny has been “upgraded” as well and knocks Clara out and takes her out to a graveyard, which seems like a poor plan since Cybermen are literally coming out of the ground from every place where the dead are laid to rest.  However, it’s not just rough for Clara, and CyberDanny learns that eavesdroppers never hear anything useful.  And in the grand tradition of terrible ideas, Missy is placed on the same plane as everyone trying to stop her, which of course incites her to escape and kill anyone who might help that plan to fruition.

death in heaven 3Much like other episodes, the plot revolves around more than what is happening on the surface.  Throughout the season, we’ve seen questions being asked time and time again.  What kind of a man is the Doctor, and what does it mean to be a soldier?  What is the relationship between Clara & The Doctor & Danny, and when push comes to shove, how will she choose?  The Master has spent a lot of time trying to convince the Doctor they are similar, and it causes me to think it is coming from a deeper place than a need to have someone appreciate his plan.  Missy truly needs the Doctor to understand her, and although their relationship is not what it was, their paths have led them onto parallel roads.

This episode is heartbreaking, and touching, and bittersweet.  It explores the nature of relationships and what we do for the ones we love.  Peter Capaldi is as amazing as usual, and Michelle Gomez as Missy is crazy and devious and absolutely evil.  All in all, a great ending to a pretty great season!

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