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DC Comics Announces Four More “New 52” Cancellations

Posted on May 14, 2013 at 5:25 am by Tyler Waterman

The hammer continues to drop on more of DC’s under-performing New 52 titles, as the August solicits reveal the cancellation of Legion of Super-Heroes, Dial H, Demon Knights, and Threshold.

While none of these cancellations are surprising to anyone who looks at sales numbers, the cancellation of Legion will actually mark the end of 40-years of continuous Legion publications, other than a few short (and planned) breaks in the book. The cancelling of Demon Knights marks the end of any fantasy publications from DC, and fans of Vertigo can count the cancellation of Dial H as another nail in the Vertigo coffin, despite the book not being published under that brand (which it should have been). The only cancellation here without any real ramifications is Threshold; considering the only real high point from anyone regarding that book was the Larfleeze backup, it’s probably best that they’re just giving him a book of his own and ending this less-than-stellar intergalactic title.

Is this DC giving up on these books? Or is DC not to blame at all? After all, if no one buys the book, they aren’t about to keep printing it. Let us know what you think, and check out the final covers for each book below.

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