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Daredevil Season 2 Episode 1: “BANG”

Posted on March 19, 2016 at 6:16 am by Gerardo Gallegos

DAREDEVIL is back, baby!

DAREDEVIL is back, baby!


It feels like we’ve been waiting for more Daredevil for ages now. Hard to believe its only been a year. But, Marvel & Netflix are back to delight us with an intriguing plot, more character development, and awesome action that we’ve come to expect from Daredevil. Lets take a look at the first episode of the new season, “Bang.”

We start out the episode with our signature street level crime fighter scoping out the various sounds of Hell’s Kitchen, listening for illegal activity. Cut to masked men with guns shooting police officers and taking hostages. This isn’t going to end well for them. Daredevil makes quick work of them all.

After being treated to the title screen, we get Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson walking to work in the New York heat. Foggy and Matt are talking about a one night stand that Foggy had and how they would be more successful with women if they had each other as wing men. Matt entertains the idea by saying it would be fun, but they both know that Daredevil can’t be at bar and fighting thugs in an alley at the same time. Our legal duo arrive at the office and we see that they have amassed a batch of new clients, one who’s dog was beat for humping a holy statue. Hell’s Kitchen is an interesting place.  Unfortunately, Nelson and Murdock are broke. The defense lawyers aren’t making enough profit to cover their cost and having a reputation now of representing good people, some clients are paying in food. But, bananas don’t pay the bills.

22222751eLth4ZUaCut to a group of gentlemen in suits who are revealed to be part of the Irish Mob. They are talking about how they are going to take back the city that was once ruled by Wilson Fisk, the Yakuza, and the Russians. But, before any of them can set out in carving their sinister path, they are hit with a volley of bullets that riddles them all but their bartender. A very bloody scene. After the gruesome mass murder, we are treated to the gang playing a game of Pool at Josie’s Bar. Karen tries to help Matt with his shot and it is very clear that they both feel something for each other. Matt’s senses go off and he sees the bartender from before looking straight at them. Matt knows that this is a dangerous man and goes to confront him. The man says that he’s looking for Nelson and Murdock and he explains everything that just happened. The man that goes by Grotto reveals that he only drives, cleans, and picks up for the Irish Mob. he seeks to make a deal to be put into witness protection in exchange for information on the mob. Grotto passes out at the table from a bleeding wound in his side and he is taken to the hospital.

Cut to Daredevil in a meat packing factory unhooking a man and asking him who did this. The man reveals in his daredevil-bang-meatfinal breath that this was done by one man. Then we see Grotto and Karen in the hospital and a suspicious pair of black boots making their way towards the room. We finally get to see Jon Bernthal as Frank Castle aka The Punisher coming to finish off Grotto. Karen runs with Grotto as several blast from a shot gun ring behind them. They make it out of the hospital in one piece and Daredevil manages to stop Castle before he kills Grotto.

We are treated to an intense fight seen between Castle and Daredevil. Fist and legs collide as the ex-marine and the blind boxer duke it on a rooftop. After it seems like Daredevil has gotten the upper hand, Castle reveals a pistol from his leg shoots our hero before exclaiming, “Bang.”

bangThe first episode of season 2 took off with a running start. We got the bromance that his Foggy and Matt that started to develop more in the back half of season one, more awesome fights scenes that people were raving about, and the introduction of The Punisher. All in all, “Bang” was a very solid episode that leaves you wanting more.

FINAL VERDICT: 8 Concussions out of 10

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