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Cyrus’ Past Revealed in ‘Dirty Little Secrets’ – Once Upon A Time In Wonderland

Posted on March 17, 2014 at 5:25 pm by Lacey Gilleran

once upon a time in wonderland
Where is Cyrus come from? How did he end up as a genie? Will Jafar get his hands on the genie bottle and destroy Wonderland? These questions and more were answered in this week’s episode of Once Upon a Time in Wonderland – “Dirty Little Secrets.”


once upon a time in wonderland

The episode opens with Cyrus and his brothers gambling with some ruthless thugs. He wins the card game, angering the other men. He blows off their anger as poor sportsmanship, but little does he know that they will soon seek revenge. As Cyrus and his brothers approach their house, they see the men from the card game fleeing – having set the building on fire. The three brothers quickly realize that their mother is in the home. Cut to the Jabberwocky (Still wondering why the hell they went with this character?) in town looking for the genie. She wakes a man in the street, and begins to torture him by whispering in his ear (How does this cause harm?). Blood begins to pour out of the man’s ears and suddenly, he’s dead. The Jabberwocky eventually finds Lizard dead, and no genie in sight. Here’s where things get weird: instead of heading back empty-handed, she cuts out Lizard’s eyes and brings them to Jafar.

once upon a time in wonderland
Meanwhile, the pairs of Alice and Cyrus, and Will and The Red Queen have split up to find the other genie bottles, break the curse, and stop Jafar. Will and the Queen are traveling in the forest when they are ambushed by the Jabberwocky. The Queen tries to fight her off, but is soon knocked out and taken to Jafar.

once upon a time in wonderlandAlice and Cyrus are having similar bad luck, when they are faced with a knight and two red doors. One door leads to the magical well they’re searching for, and the other leads to certain death. The knight tells them a riddle, and a frustrated Cyrus considers giving up. He has a flashback to his first trip to The Well of Wonders. He’s with his two brothers as try to gather some of the magical water, intending to heal the burn wounds of their dying mother. The guardian of the water appears, who looks a lot like that girl from The Ring (I’m pretty sure they’re sisters). She tells them not to take any water for their mother, warning that there will be consequences. They don’t listen, and Cyrus eventually persuades his brothers to take the water. The scene cuts back to Alice, who successfully solves the riddle and opens the correct door. Cyrus tells her he must venture to the well alone.   The Queen wakes up to find herself strapped to a chair across from Will, locked in the dungeon of the castle. Jafar demands the wishes, but she refuses to give in. In a scene that was surprisingly long and boring, Jafar brings in the Jabberwocky, who continues to torture the Queen’s mind.  The Queen gives in (you had one job), relinquishing the genie to Jafar.

once upon a time in wonderland

Cyrus is once again face to face with the Guardian of The Well of Wonders. He asks for her mercy, and requests she break the curse put on his brothers. He has a flashback to the night he gave his mother the stolen water from the well. After using all three of the containers of magical water, his mother wakes up – revealing that she is Amara. Not only the same woman that trained Jafar in dark magic, but also the woman he betrayed – transformed in existence to his snake scepter. She tells the three brothers they must leave before something horrible happens, but the Guardian is already there. She turns them all into genies and they disappear. Back in present time the Guardian tells Cyrus his mother is alive. She explains that he must return all the water that has been taken, before the curse will be broken. She disappears. Alice and Cyrus set out to find his mother and his brothers, not realizing that they are both in the same location with Jafar.

once upon a time in wonderlandI think this episode was much better than the last. It was a big moment to find out that Cyrus’ mother is Amara. This also means that Jafar was romantically involved with Cyrus’ mother, and was working with her to collect all the genies. I imagine the only reason Amara wanted all the genies was because they are her sons, and she wanted to reverse the curse placed on them.  However, it’s hard to tell if she is good or evil. Also, will Cyrus have to kill his mother to give the water back to the well? At this point the only character that’s interesting is the Red Queen. She’s had some great lines in the past few episodes, and she’s had some insightful character development. It’s clear that she feels bad about the horrible things she’s done and wants nothing more than to take back her mistakes. Oh and by the way, Cyrus is the worst. He’s the one to blame for everything bad that’s happening in Wonderland. Alice should dump him and get with Will.

once upon a time in wonderland

“Dirty Little Secrets” – B+

Once Upon A Time in Wonderland: Season 1 Episode 10, “Dirty Little Secrets” aired March 13, 2014 on ABC.

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