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Cover Art Revealed for Legendary’s “The Harvester #1”

Posted on January 22, 2015 at 2:23 pm by Tyler Waterman

Legendary might not be the first name you think of when it comes to indie publishers, but that might be something you want to change. We’ve covered a number of Legendary titles here at Geek Legacy, including Annihilator, Shadow Walk, Epochalypse and A Town Called Dragon, and while the stories couldn’t be more different, they all share one thing in common: they’re all excellent comics. Legendary’s next hit-in-the-making is The Harvester, from horror writer Brandon Seifert and artist Eric Battle.

Today, the cover art was revealed, and it looks fantastic. Take a look below, as well as some information about the upcoming title, and get ready to grab it when it releases February 11th.


About The Harvester
# of issues: 10
Written by: Brandon Seifert
Art/Cover: Eric Battle
February 11, 2015/24 pages/$3.99

Since the dawn of time, mischievous troublemakers have been warned of his wrath, scholars have searched for traces of his existence and evildoers have been tormented by the unstoppable force that goes by a single name: The Harvester.

Some say he is nothing more than a folktale, an urban legend, a ghost story we tell our children. Others believe this nightmarish enforcer has been battling wickedness in our world for centuries, taking justice into his own savage hands. The time has come for the truth to be revealed.

Two rebellious investigators embark on a dangerous mission to uncover the mystery behind The Harvester. As they piece together his bloody path through history, a sinister force of darkness is unveiled that threatens every soul on Earth.

About Brandon Seifert
Brandon Seifert is a comics writer who achieved instant acclaim and success for his writing debut Witch Doctor (co-created with artist Lukas Ketner), which started as a successful self-published comic before exploding for Robert Kirkman’s Skybound Entertainment imprint at Image Comics. Seifert also co-created Spirit of the Law (MonkeyBrain Comics) and has written Doctor Who (IDW Publishing),Hellraiser: The Road Below, and Hellraiser: The Dark Watch (co-written with Clive Barker). Seifert is a native of Fairbanks, Alaska and currently resides in Portland, Oregon.

About Eric Battle
Philadelphia native Eric Battle is an artist with a portfolio of illustration work from children’s books to horror novels. Battle has worked with both DC and Marvel Comics, creating pencils for Spider-Man, Batman, Aquaman, Green Arrow, Green Lantern, X-Men, and more. Battle also was one of the illustrators on the Godzilla movie prequel Godzilla: Awakening.

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