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Posted on May 6, 2016 at 2:38 pm by Gerardo Gallegos

image1Captain America’s red and blue vibranium shield has become one of the most iconic weapons in the history of comics. We’ve seen it stop bullets, bounce off multiple surfaces and wind up back in Cap’s hand, and its even taken a blow from Thor’s hammer, Mjölnir. The shield has been put through some serious punishment and never let Cap down. In the comics, the shield has been destroyed but only by reality warping forces. But still, if the only thing that could stop it is something that defies the laws of physics means its a pretty badass weapon. But, have you ever wondered what would happen to you if Cap decided to fling that disk of super metal at your head? Lets find out.

Captain America in the real world

Captain America is the real world

Thanks to on YouTube, we have a pretty good idea of what an actual Captain America shield could do. Host Jerry Miculek created a functional shield made out of solid Titanium and weighing in at only 12 pounds. The titanium shield managed to take multiple shots from a .45 caliber handgun with no penetration. After seeing the shield’s capabilities when its comes to defense, Miculek decided to test in out in offense.

Its like Stan Lee in a Cap costume

Its like Stan Lee in a Cap costume

Setting up a ballistic dummy with the same composition as the human body, Miculek took some swings at it. The first throw aimed at the dummy’s head manged to decapitate it! Second throw aimed at the torso, caved it in leaving the dummy with fractured rips, internal bleeding, and organ damage! Imagine the actual Captain America who could bench-press 1100 pounds could do with that shield. You’d be dead before you even saw it coming. And with vibranium being one of the strongest metals in the Marvel Universe, it could practically stop anything.

Check out the video below and check out more of Jerry Miculek’s videos where he combines real life and pop culture. They’re a great watch!

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