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Rumor: Could Gotham’s Penguin Really Be The Joker?

Posted on October 22, 2014 at 10:55 am by Zakk Saam

A “crazy” theory is currently making its way across the internet, that was originally posted on Reddit. Could Gotham‘s Oswald Copplepot really be the Clown Prince of Crime?

“Oswald Cobblepot is supposed to be dead. He knows that with such an unusual name it’s bound to get back to Fish Mooney that someone named Oswald Cobblepot is still in Gotham. So he hires a short fat kid to go around telling people his name is Oswald Cobblepot. This kid idolizes the Joker so he does everything he can to be more like him. He dresses like him, he walks like him, he carries an umbrella just like him”

The idea is that Joker is a mastermind (which he is) and uses someone else to cover his tracks. This Joker will eventually fall into the guise of the Red Hood before having an “industrial accident” that will lead him to the Joker we all know from the comics, movies, etc.


A lot of this is based on this particular version of the Penguin having some obvious dissimilarities from his comic form. In the comics, the Penguin is short, fat, has a large beaked nose, and is obsessed with birds, while the Penguin from Gotham is none of these things. In fact, he’s a blood-thirsty killer who’s tall and not terrible looking. While he walks with an umbrella and waddles like a penguin, Oswald here has quite the maniacal laugh, reminiscent of a certain clown.


Months ago however, the show runners revealed that there will be multiple “Jokers” throughout the show to keep the fans guessing, and his origin will be a slow burn. So is Oswald one of the characters meant to tease the Joker, or has this all be one big happy accident and the show runners are laughing inside their Hollywood writing rooms? We may never know, but it does make for good television and water cooler discussion.

Plus, just look at that purple vest!


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