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Company of Heroes 2, It’s Cold Outside!

Posted on July 24, 2012 at 10:36 am by Justin Cavender

THQ Inc. has announced their upcoming strategy Company of Heroes 2, will feature a weather simulating technology. I remember my high school teacher trying to explain to us how Germany was silly for invading Russia in the winter. He went on and on about the cold, and all the horrors the soldiers faced by freezing to death. Now we get to recreate the cold weather simulation thanks to the new Essence™ Engine 3.0 and its ColdTech system.

ColdTech has an “extreme cold” mechanic, which is used to show us how brutal a Russian winter can be. Simulating -40 degrees F, troops will freeze to death in a matter of minutes. Players will need to position their troops around fires to keep warm. Otherwise, the war will be over before it gets started. Luckily, the Essence Engine allows players to melt or remove the snow from buildings and vehicles. Snow will slow down your troop movement at first, but foot and tire tracks will remain unless covered by fresh snow fall.

Another interesting dynamic on the battlefield is ice. Not only will ice affect vehicle and troop movement, but it can collapse or shatter, spilling troops into icy water. Over time destroyed ice can re-form due to the weather conditions in the game.

THQ wants to bring as much authenticity as possible with Company of Heroes 2. My history teacher would have been proud to see this cold weather feature. How can you have a battle on the eastern front in 1941, without extreme weather conditions? I’m looking forward to freezing to death.


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