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Comic Review: Zombie B.C. #1

Posted on February 8, 2014 at 5:00 am by Heather Antos

Cover Art by Malcolm McClinton

Cover Art by Malcolm McClinton

Written By: Stephen Vold

Art By: Steven Williams

Cover Art By: Malcolm McClinton

Self Published

Review by Heather Antos






It’s 10,000 B.C. You’re just a regular ol’ caveman trying to have a romantic fireside dinner for one, when all of a sudden, a rather smelly and dirty looking stranger just waltzes right into your singular soiree, only to take a chunk out of your arm!


As Stephen Vold writes in Zombie B.C. #1, “Life is a continuous struggle,” a statement that very much rings true for our previously mentioned caveman friend. But though the characters may be struggling with the recent events at hand, the creative team behind Zombie B.C. #1 definitely is not! Stephen Vold’s Zombie B.C #1 is a very refreshing point of view on one of the most recurring stories of this generation – the ever so inevitable zombie apocalypse! And while this story focuses on the overpopulation of the undead in pre-historic times, a nod to a future infestation is given in a great final page.


Creator and writer Stephen Vold proves himself a solid writer in the first issue of the latest zombie comic series. The pacing is a little slow at the beginning – though I suppose it’s hard for an undead being to really get a running start. The pacing may be due to the fact that most of the issue is told via narration, as cavemen aren’t necessarily known for the spectacular diction. Never to fear, though, as there is plenty of excitement and drama written in the pages of Zombie B.C. #1, punctuated with a very clever twist and fantastic foreshadowing to potential issues to come.


Steven Williams is no cave painter, that’s for sure! The art in Zombie B.C. #1 really presents itself in quite the professional manner. Williams does a brilliant job at showcasing the story through his sequential art, as several panels contain no dialogue or narration and rely only on the artist’s pencil skills to tell the tale at hand. Though at times some of the anatomical features of our caveman friend seem slightly altered in the sequential panels, Williams makes up for it with his great understanding of coloring techniques – not to mention the great ink and pencil details in little things such as arm hair and fingernails!

Zombie 3

But if you thought that Zombie B.C. #1 was just a one-shot covering a pre-historic perspective of the zombie outbreak, think again! The incredibly talented duo of Vold & Williams are currently working on a more issues of Zombie B.C., documenting the apocalyptic outbreak by focusing each chapter through the eyes of someone – or something – new!


As someone who has grown very weary of the over populated undead genre, Zombie B.C. #1was a surprising breath of fresh air! I cannot recommend this comic enough to zombie lovers everywhere, and I’m excited to see how the infestation continues… that is, so long as it stays out of my neck of the woods!

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Story: 7.5/10

Art: 8.0/10

Overall: 7.75/10

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