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Comic Review: Saltire – Invasion

Posted on March 8, 2014 at 6:00 am by Heather Antos

Saltire CoverWritten By: John Ferguson

Art By: Tone Juskjaer & Gary Welsh

Cover Art By: Jim Devlin

Published By: Diamondsteel Comics






Scotland; the land of good ale, thick accents, and men who sometimes wear kilts that are just a tad too short – but certainly  not the land of super heroic tales of glory –until now!

John Ferguson’s graphic novel opens to show that the Roman Empire has come to conquer what they know as the edge of the Earth and when the Scottish clans discover they are unprepared for such a war as dawn would bring they call upon their Elders and Guardians for wisdom and protection. In turn, a new spirit is created to defend their land and people.


It’s simple. Saltire is one of the best modern mythologies out there. John Ferguson meshes history with fantasy, life and death, mystery and myth into one action packed story. The story of glory is one we’ve read and watched time and time again, yet somehow Ferguson unleashes Saltire as a breath of fresh air! This is the modern epic comic readers have been waiting for. Foreign audiences will soon find themselves familiar with the mass of characters and faces in the book, as Ferguson’s story is so suspensefully easy to read and devour.


Both Tone Julskjaer and Gary Welsh conquered the roles of pencils, inks, and colors as a dynamic duo in the leagues of Batman and Robin themselves. Splitting the efforts equally between them, the two completely separate artists took turns designing the pages, and Julskjaer and Welsh pulled off a seamlessly inseparable design for Saltire. Visually, the pages of Saltire are stunning! The panels dance across the page like paintings. This pair is to be commended for stylistically designing an action packed treat for the eyes. At times inks are a little light, but with a color palette textured and colored so masterfully, who could complain?



Though Saltire may not quite fit in to the stereotypical spandex clad and cape wearing super hero genre of yore, fans of mythology based comics (such as Loki and Xena) will be sure to love the history, the action, and the fantasy that Ferguson, Juskjaer, and Welsh have so cleverly crafted from Scotland’s majestic past. A mesh between The Lord of the Rings,Beowolf, and Thor, Diamondsteel Comic’s Saltire has an epic adventure in store for any comic lover!

To get your hands on your own copy of Saltire – Invasion check out the links below!






Story: 8/10

Art: 8/10

Overall: 8/10

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