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Comic Review: Henchmen

Posted on November 18, 2013 at 10:00 am by Heather Antos


Written By: Jamison Raymond

Pencils By: Ryan Howe

Colors By: RSquared Studios

Cover By: Dave Dorman






Meet Gary.

Gary was just your average middle-aged American man; he had a loving wife and a daughter, worked as a salesman for your everyday office supply company, and lived in your normal Middle America city.

Gary was far from extraordinary. And just like every other completely pedestrian American, when it rains it pours.

Jamison Raymond does not disappoint in the realm of comic book scripting. Henchmen is clever and witty, and most importantly, extremely entertaining.  This must purely be due to his escapades as a stand- up comedian fueling his literary charm as a comic book writer.

Henchmen is narrated by Gary, the aforementioned mediocre American, right he got fired from the job he hates and divorced by the woman he was married to. On the same day. He couldn’t have been more screwed if he were between a wall and a Phillip’s head – and he knew it.

After Gary tried to nonchalantly “ease his pain” by downing a bottle of Tylenol he decides he needs to hop back on the horse called his life again, get a new job, and get on with the healing process. He finds an ad in the complementary newspaper given to him in the hospital, “Help Wanted,” and promptly applies. Little did Gary know, he had just applied to be a henchman for one of local super villains of his city.


Dressed as a paper mache Bowling Pin for the local “Head Pin of Crime,” Gary now works alongside comrades by the names of Weasel and Crowbar. He is well out of his league. But in the name of all good fathers out there, he’s got a daughter that needs braces and will help any super villain dressed as a robotic bowling pin rob a bank if that’s the last thing he does!

Of course, no Super Villain’s plans are ever completed without being thwarted by some masked crusader or other. Once the Head Pin of Crime’s scheme is revealed as a ploy to draw out his arch nemesis (The Striker!), Gary and his fellow henchmen realize that they may as well have struck out on their luck. With nowhere to go, they are trapped in the bank clearly marked as the Head Pin’s henchmen. The group of men seem lost and ready to give in to do their dime in their singular cells when Gary is the only one with sense enough to ditch their costumes and get out alive – with the cash, as well!


Ryan Howe’s art compliments the mood of the script as well as bacon compliments…well…anything!  RSquared Studios provides to the point colors without being overly redundant and drab. This, in my book, is a good thing. Nowadays comics tend to rely very heavily on shadow and lines which can end up complicating the story, rather than adding to it. Howe’s lines are simple and extremely accurate when it comes to displaying Raymond’s characters’ expressions.

What’s next for our depressed divorcee by day and heinous henchman by night? More jobs working for other super villains of course! Only this time, it appears that Weasel and Crowbar want Gary to start a Henchmen Union. Because let’s face it, they could really use some good health insurance if they’re going to be risking their lives being cronies every night.

Henchmen wouldn’t have been possible without its fabulous supporters through a Kickstarter campaign, and to them I personally eternally grateful. Without their support, I would have never found this issue in the first place, and let me say, it is worth every cent! Currently it appears that the creators are in the process of making an Issue #2 available and I, for one, will be helping in any way I can to make that possible. So please, if you’re looking for a unique look at the function of the Super Villain universe, and want a break from your own mundane middle American lives, go to to read one of the wittiest reads since Wade Wilson first opened his mouth and pick up your own copy!
Release Date: July 10, 2013 (Digital), August 7, 2013 (Print)

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