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Comic Review: Harley Quinn #1

Posted on December 20, 2013 at 6:35 am by Heather Antos


harleyWritten By: Amanda Conner & Jimmy Palimiotti

Pencils By: Chad Hardin

Colors By: Alex Sinclair

Published By: DC Comics





Ever since I laid my eyes on the artistic adventure that was Harley Quinn #0, I have been biting my nails in anticipation awaiting Amanda Conner’s and Jimmy Palimiotti’s Harley Quinn #1. Given that the prequel issue was more about introducing the eccentricities of Ms. Harleen Quinzel rather than setting up plot, I really wasn’t sure what to expect with the New 52’s latest series – not to mention which artist would be drafting the panels. Having that been said, this creative team certainly seems prepared to take on the daunting task of writing the dangerously humorous Harley Quinn.

Our story unfolds as Harley is gracing the streets of Coney Island, her soon to be new home, with nothing more than her motorcycle, mountain of belongings piled in back, and… a talking gopher? I’m really not quite sure where the writers are planning on taking us with this mouthy mammal, but I couldn’t help but think he hindered the momentum of the story. After a quick moment of animal activism, Harley is escorted to her new apartment, where she is informed she is the new owner and landlady – the only catch is, she has several years of back taxes, upkeep, and tenants with late rent to handle!

Yeah, not exactly the plot that I was expecting either.  And while writing team Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palimiotti have their script stuffed with all sorts of wacky twists and turns in this Coney Island adventure, I found myself asking is it too much, or not enough? Harley Quinn #1 fell short script in a lot of areas. In some moments Conner and Palimiotti pushed too far with one twist, and not dark enough with the following turn. However, there actually were some fun ideas thrown in the loop, such as Harley spending her days as a therapist, donning her mask of Dr. Quinzel, whilst spending her weekends as a dangerous roller derby fiend. Not to mention, someone has put a hit on our leading lady, forcing her to duck gunshot after gunshot. Hopefully this writing duo can settle down and focus on this doctor’s latest Stockholm Syndrome fiascos in Harley Quinn #2.


After the army of artists that tackled the pages of Harley Quinn #0, Chad Hardin reveals himself as the jester’s true artist in Harley Quinn #1. And though this issue doesn’t prove itself the visual roller coaster ride that last month’s did, Hardin shows that he can hold his own as Dr. Quinzel’s sole artist. My only complaints would be that sometimes Harley Quinn’s facial anatomy is slightly off, probably due to the over-expressiveness of our leading lady, but given all the emotions and angles that Hardin tackles, this is hardly something to bicker about. Alex Sinclair’s colors really make this issue a visual sensation. His ability to make Hardin’s pencils pop off the page with his vibrant pallet almost make the panels look 3D. Artistically Harley Quinn #1 gives this complicated tale exactly the art the jester calls for.


Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palimiotti have certainly laid out quite the complicated story for Harley in Harley Quinn #1 – A plot that I hope they will be able to keep up with! It wasn’t quite as dark as I was hoping, nor was it as funny. Many of the jokes were smothered with so much cheese I wasn’t sure if I was being force fed Coney Dogs whilst on the island. Nevertheless, there was plenty of fun to be had for any Harley fan, despite a slightly chaotic first issue.

Story: 7.5/10

Art: 8.0/10

Overall: 7.75/10

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