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Comic Review: Guardians #2

Posted on February 11, 2014 at 8:16 am by Heather Antos

Cover Art by Alex Garcia

Cover Art by Alex Garcia

Written By: Todd Black

Art By: Alex Garcia

Published By: Black Magic Wolf Productions








Delta City – a crime ridden Gotham all of its own. So when the people of Delta received the Guardians of Element and Chaos as the answer to their prayers instead of the angels they asked for, the citizens weren’t sure how to respond – and neither were the Guardians. Will the internal struggles of brothers Element and Chaos keep them from facing the external ordeals of the citizens of Delta City? Guardians #2 is about just that!


In a world overpopulated with superhero tales of glory, writer Todd Black tries his hand on twisting the genre. And while the prologue and first issue both dealt more so with building a background for the characters and city surrounding the story, Guardians #2 is more about action! The main plot is good; the two guardian brothers are dealing with their first real villain they’ve encountered since coming to Delta City, a wind-master who calls himself the Tempest.  But often times I find the events that happen to be rather forced and melodramatic. There is a certain lack of proper pacing to Guardians #2 for the amount of events that Black has written in. A good subplot is key to any story, and I think if one was introduced it would help the overall pacing of Guardians immensely.


One glance at Alex Garcia’s cover for Guardians #2 will show that he’s a very talented artist; pencils, inks, colors-everything! Garcia was able to make the cover for this issue really capture a sense of the drama, emotion, and foreboding for the story that Todd Black has created. However, being the sole person responsible for the visual representation can be a challenge and burden all of its own. His skills as an artist were certainly stretched and led to certain penciling and coloring inconsistencies throughout the issue.  That being said, Garcia is to be commended for his efforts at pencils, inks and colors for Guardians #2, though if a third member was brought to the Guardian team to help with future issues a more consistent and fluid artistic vision could be presented, not to mention less stress for Garcia.


Black and Garcia have the makings for a very interesting epic in Guardians #2. The plot continues to spill an interesting twist of events as Black writes this saga of a new super hero universe.  And with Garcia’s talents as lead artist focused, these two could have something great! Will Black and Garcia be able to calm the tempest that is the massive task at hand? With the skill foundation these two already have, they most certainly have the elements to calm the chaos of any storm that may blow their way!

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Story: 7/10

Art: 7/10

Overall: 7/10

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