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Comic Review: Dexter #5

Posted on November 23, 2013 at 3:00 am by Heather Antos


DexterWritten By: Jeff Lindsay

Pencils By: Dalibor Talajic

Colorists: Ive Svorcina & Rachelle Rosenberg

Cover Art: Michael Del Mundo

Published By: Marvel





As a Blood Spatter Analyst for the Miami PD by day and Sociopathic Serial Killer Vigilante by night, Dexter Morgan certainly keeps himself busy. But what happens when both Dexter and his Detective sister Deborah are the huntee’s instead of the hunted?

Now I love a good serial killer story as much as the next sociopath, but Marvel certainly took their precious time with the release of Jeff Lindsay’s Dexter #5 (the originally release date was set for October 14th and here we are a month later!). However, I suppose plotting the perfectly unsolvable murder does take it’s time. And time is all this series seems to have, as our starring sociopath has yet to commit a single act of the crime he is most infamous for.

Dexter #5 picks back up right where the last installment’s cliffhanger left us so dangerously dangling – Dexter’s childhood schoolmate, and presently a millionaire business man Steve Gonzalez, had just drugged and kidnapped our hero for sticking his nose in unwanted places when he and Deborah were searching for clues to a murder linked to him.

Dexter 1

Writer Jeff Lindsay is no stranger to the Dexter scene – after all, he’s the man who originally created the monster – although I have a feeling writing a novel and writing a comic book differ drastically. Technicalities aside, Lindsay is doing a fabulous job biding his time for the slaying of a perfectly plotted opening arc for the series. His abilities to show the dramatically two different sides of Dexter (sociopathic killer side with no emotion and the, er, human side) remind me of Bret Easton Elllis’ Patrick Batemen from American Psycho. My only concern (and this may just be due to Marvel and not Lindsay) is the time in-between issues. Readers are having to wait 2-3 months (Dexter #6 isn’t due until February 2014) for the next installment, which can really hurt the series in the long run.

Dalibor Talajic’s art falls even to par for the Dexter series. The pencils are rather simple, relying heavily on artists Ive Svorcina and Rachelle Rosenberg to – no pun intended – color in the story for the reader. Not that the art is poor, by any means, I just believe a story that is full of suspense and drama deserves the art to match. However, the series is still young. Marvel and Talajic have plenty of time to surprise us with their skillset in the issues yet to come.

Dexter and Deborah are one step closer to nabbing the masterfully evil slave-runner Steve Gonzalez as they finally have substantiary proof to the crimes the man has committed. After, the man did capture them, take them to his slave ridden island to threaten their lives by his very hands, only to be thwarted by a tracking device in Deb’s shoe. But will the Miami PD get to Gonzalez before darkly dreaming Dexter? I doubt sincerely (and gleefully) doubt it.

dexter 2

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