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Comic Review: Convoy of Corpses

Posted on January 18, 2014 at 5:00 am by Heather Antos

5unoXnScWritten By: Kelly Bender

Pencils By: Van Choran

Inks By: Ivan Miranda

Colors By: Amitabha Naskar

Letters By: Nic J Shaw


With everything that’s going on in Afghanistan at the moment, you’d imagine that there would be a fair few amount of dangerous roads over there. And you’d more than likely be right! The Kabul-Kandahar Highway (aka ‘Highway #1’ or the ‘Highway to Hell’) is a 300 mile road linking Afghanistan’s two largest cities, Kabul and Kandahar. It also happens to be the world’s most dangerous highway.

Between the Taliban attacks and suicide bombers running treacherous narrow corners and roadways, Convoy of Corpses gives comic readers a glimpse at what hell surrounds Hell’s Highway. Though a potentially controversial setting, Kelly Bender’s script slices right through the politics, and cuts straight to the action of the situation at hand; A United States military squadron has been assigned the task of transporting a BBC news crew from Kandahar to Naw Abad. However, though the BBC news crew wants nothing more than to report on the war in the Middle East, they quickly realize that the real story of the war is the Highway itself.


Bender’s creation is a risky one. Comic books are seen as an escapist route to fantasies beyond our imaginations and aren’t supposed to be a window to our real world nightmares. Yet Convoy of Corpses is as captivating as any super hero adventure. From her Stars & Stripes minded soldiers to the arrogant news crew, her characters come to life on the pages of this very deadly highway. The pacing in Convoy of Corpses is quick, however, and leaves the reader wondering what else could be going on in between Kandahar and Naw Abad. I almost wish the one-shot could be twice as long to allow more character growth and action.


Convoy of Corpses has quite the team of artists behind its twenty-four pages. Van Choran leads the way with his stellar pencils on the Afghanistan desert. And though Ivan Miranda’s inks may at times appear rather heavy, Amitabha Naskar’s colors paint the desert sun and sand surrounding the infamous Highway #1 with a vibrant palette of colors. Nic J Shaw’s lettering work complete the panels to all around make Convoy of Corpses one of the best visual works of an indie comic of its kind I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading.

The entire creative team behind Convoy of Corpses has done one hell of a job creating this one-shot spanning one of the most dangerous places on Earth. Bender’s realistic characters risk their life and limb, and the Choran, Miranda, Naskar, and Shaw paint out the war torn path with their excellent artistic skills. Convoy of Corpses is a read any comic lover would enjoy and comes highly recommended by this raving reviewer!

Story: 7/10

Art: 7/10

Overall: 7/10

Published By: ROCKBLAST Comics

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