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Comic Review: Bodie Troll #4

Posted on November 24, 2013 at 3:00 am by Heather Antos

BodieWritten By: Jay Fosgitt

Art By: Jay Fosgitt

Published By: Red 5 Comics








Once upon a time,  in a mystical land called, “Hagadorn” there lived a beautiful princess and her magnificent prince!

Just kidding.

But there did live a busy haired barmaid and a grumpy bridge troll friend.

Jay Fosgitt has done it again in his fourth installment of Bodie Troll. The witty, satirical fairy tale continues this week when the small grumpy bridge troll and his aspirations to become big and scary instead of cute and cuddly are thwarted by a…baby?

In Issue #3, the town of Hagadorn was in the midst of a drought; no water to be found to quench the thirst of the villagers, or their produce. One day, as Bodie was making his way down to the Drunken Pumpkin for his usual bowl of rotten roots, he crossed paths with what he calls a “Grumpy Potato” looking baby, and after some misfortune, found himself looking after it. But this is a baby unlike any other; his *ehem* flatuence is very special.

He poops pumpkins.

And watermelons. And potatoes. And lettuce. And carrots…..And basically anything and everything else imaginable. I guess what Jay Fosgitt is trying to say is that we really ARE what we eat? Regardless, Bodie and his baby are now the the talk of the town as everyone is buying his baby’s goods. That is, until they find out that pooped out pumpkins taste exactly like you’d expect – crappy! The villagers want their money back and the baby wants to go home. Bodie has a lot on his paws as he tries to find this magical baby’s rightful parents, and survive the drought!


The art of Bodie Troll is as enjoyable as it’s story. Fosgitt’s hand has stayed in the tradition of doing his lines and letters by hand – something as a reader I truly admire and respect. The land of Hagadorn is drawn in rounded cartoon characters, but the story is told with a mature and clever edge in it’s ink. His ability to tell jokes just in his drawings alone show his strength as artist alongside his witty scripting abilities. Sometimes the earth-toned color palette can become a bit fuzzy in the more shadowy scenes; colors seem to blend together if the reader is quickly turning the pages as the location of light in the panel changes. But all in all, having an artist do his own lines, inking, letting, coloring, etc, and having a comic turn out as enjoyable as this, is to truly be commended.


Fosgitt has done a brilliant job creating a world both suitable for children and entertaining for adults. At first glance, it is definitely welcoming to children in it’s fairy tale style story and art, but there are plenty of twists and turns for any knowing age to enjoy. Bodie Troll is one of the best “All-Ages” comics I have ever had the pleasure of laying my eyes on, and I highly recommend this series to anyone looking for something fun and different to try.

What’s next for our favorite little bridge troll in Hagadorn? Why continuing to pursue his dream of becoming the most fearsome troll in all the land! Although I’m sure creator Jay Fosgitt has something clever up his sleeve to distract our little friend from his “happily ever after.” After all, ”Happily ever afters” don’t seem to exist in troublesome Bodie’s land. More like “Good enough for now’s.” And you know what? That’s definitely good enough for me!


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