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Comic Review: Bedlam #11

Posted on January 24, 2014 at 6:00 am by Heather Antos

Bedlam_11-1Written By: Nick Spencer

Artists Include: Ryan Browne

Cover By: Frazer Irving

Colors By: Jean-Paul Csuka

Published By: IMAGE Comics





The finale to the second explosive arc of the Bedlam series is finally here! If you thought Bedlam #1 – 10 was fantastic, then Bedlam #11 is surely going to blow those thoughts out of the park! The creative team behind this series continues to prove themselves a cut above the rest in this issue’s suspenseful conclusion.

Bedlam #11 continues the story of Fillmore Press, the man who used to bring the city of Bedlam to its knees as the super villain known as Madder Red. He is now the only one who can save it from the pixelated master mind behind all of the recent blood and death. But what happens when our mysterious stranger tells Fillmore that he knows about his dark past – and that the only way to stop him is for our hero to relapse into his old, bloody ways?


Writer Nick Spencer begins Bedlam #11 in the usual way; with a flashback from the times of Madder Red. These flashbacks certainly show how far this series is willing to go in terms of violence and gore as this particular sequence not only gives the reader a sense of hope for the city only to completely crush that feeling in the very next sequence. Spencer continues to build the story into a solid mystery, full of action and suspense. So few comics can capture the ‘detectives against the clock’ feel very well, especially in a world saturated with caped superheroes and cloaked villains like Bedlam #11 does. Combine all of that with another climactic cliffhanger and you have a very well-made comic from beginning to end.


The combination of Ryan Browne’s pencils and Jeal-Paul Csuka’s colors continue to match the tone of the series in an almost hauntingly perfect way.  The roughness of Browne’s lines and unevenness of the art makes every page unique and interesting. Csuka’s coloring only helps build the driving force that is the art behind Bedlam #11 as he tries out a new color palette filled with grays and blues as opposed to the series usual red tones. And, like every other issue of Bedlam, Frazer Irving’s striking cover of Bedlam #11 gives the reader an ominous clue of the horrors within the book’s pages.


With the heavy amounts of violence and dark content, this is certainly not a book for everyone. On the other hand, Nick Spencer is building an extremely interesting world this series is only getting better. Bedlam #11 continues to show that the team behind this series is one of the greatest in the entire comic community as it portrays an issue that leaves the reader wanting nothing more than to already have Bedlam #12 in hand.

Story: 10/10

Art: 10/10

Overall: 10/10

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