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Comic Review: Batman #31

Posted on May 29, 2014 at 6:22 pm by Tyler Waterman

bm31covWritten by: Scott Snyder

Pencils by: Greg Capullo

Inks by: Danny Miki

Colors by: FCO Plascencia

Letters by: Steve Wands

Published by: DC Comics




Zero Year has been an event that gives you two questions to go with every answer; appropriate, considering the Riddler is involved. However, the biggest question came all the way back in Batman #21, where everyone was left asking the same thing:

“When do I get to see more of that kick ass Dirtbike Batman?”

Rejoice, my friends. Batman #31 is for us.

Ohhhhhh snap!

Ohhhhhh snap!

The latest chapter in what may be the best Bat-origin yet brings all the payoff you could want and then some. Riddler’s Zero Year is nearly a month old, Dirtbike Batman is back with a vengeance, young Bruce Wayne makes another appearance, and there are no less than two hungry lions prominently featured.

Scott Snyder has perfected the art of maintaining a break-neck pace while never sacrificing exposition; all of Zero Year benefits from it, and nowhere is it more apparent than this issue. The book opens with our heroes plotting, not battling, yet you feel the same sense of tension as if they were, a testament to Snyder’s skill as a storyteller. If comics came with a musical score, this issue’s would grow in volume but never lose its beat.

As always, the art in this book never fluctuates from perfection. Zero Year has been the ultimate example of what can happen when a team of incredible artists all sync on a project. The art is so appropriate for the tale, so appealing, and so unbelievably consistent that you’d think it was done by robots if you weren’t able to follow the team on twitter. I’ve seen more than one big-name comic creator refer to Greg Capullo as the hardest working man in comics, and you’d be hard-pressed to dispute it. His talent and work ethic jumps off of every page, with explosions provided by FCO Plascencia’s outstanding near-neon colors. I never would have believed that kind of color scheme would work in a Batman story of this magnitude, but each is the perfect choice. Combine those bright colors with Danny Miki’s heavy and detailed inks, and each page sets the perfect tone for this younger, brasher Bruce.

Never in history has purple been this cool before.

Never in history has purple been this cool before.

Batman #31 is a celebration of all the things that make Batman great. Epic entrances and dramatic exits. Bravery in the face of impossible odds. Solving problems with equal parts brains and brawn. And, of course, those wonderful toys! Whatever it is that you like best about Batman, you’re going to be rewarded in this book.

I know I should be sad that there are only two chapters left of Zero Year, but this issue was so good that all I can do is look forward to seeing how they top this one. I don’t know how this team will do it, but I do know I can’t wait to find out.

Story: 10/10

Art: 10/10

Overall: 10/10

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