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Comic-Con: WARCRAFT Movie Panel Recap

Posted on July 28, 2014 at 12:13 pm by David "Snackbar" Edmundson


Films based on video games have an extremely trouble past (see Street Fighter and Super Mario Bros.)  With the recently announced adaptation of The Last of Us a lot of people are thinking that might change in the future.  However, Warcraft offers up its own world of possibilities.  There is a rich mythology, and countless narratives.  And now it’s up to Moon and Source Code director Duncan Jones to find that narrative.  Last year, we got a cool announcement teaser for Warcraft.  Now it was time for Legendary to up their game.

Duncan Jones takes the stage to take some questions from moderator Jessica Chobot.

Panel Highlights

  • Notes that in November, the Warcraft Universe will have existed for 20 years, and there’s “a lot of stuff to draw on.”  He believes the amount of material merits an origin story because they want to see how Azeroth fell into conflict between orcs warcraft-props-comic-con-400x600and humans.  But they always wanted to make sure it was accessible to everyone, but that’s not too difficult.  Jones provides the example of people who got into comics because of superhero movies.  Warcraft can do the same thing by getting people to care about the world of the game by becoming immersed in the movie.
  • Technical challenges: The film doesn’t come out until March 2016 because it’s such a digital challenge.  “It’s like trying to make Avatar and The Lord of the Rings at the same time,” says Jones.
  • They wrapped production two months ago, and because they did an announcement trailer last year, they definitely wanted to bring a little teaser this year.


The world is very colorful and vivid with detailed shields, weapons, costumes, and landscapes. But what really leapt out was how there are two worlds being set up through two characters.  The human leader (played by Travis Fimmel) notes that he’s spent more time protecting his king rather than his son, and wonders if that makes him honorable or a fool.  We then cut to the orc leader who wonders what he has sacrificed in order to protect his people.  He tells us his home has been destroyed.  “Is war the only way?”  Which implies that they must move into human territory.

There are some action beats like some brief moments of humans fighting orcs, Ben Foster’s mage character powering up, and the money shot is Fimmel’s character flying in on a giant eagle to combat an orc.

It all looks pretty cool, and while I know the action was scaled back because there’s still so much effects work to do (the orcs are clearly still in early post-production, but they look really good), the emphasis on story was very encouraging.  I’ll admit there wasn’t very much “for the horde” of fans, but I expect it left them eager to see more.

After the panel, Legendary released this Warcraft motion logo:

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