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Comic-Con: Andrew Lincoln and Chandler Riggs Talk THE WALKING DEAD

Posted on July 31, 2014 at 11:24 am by David "Snackbar" Edmundson


We were lucky enough to team with a couple fellow internet cowboys at Comic-Con last weekend. One of our partners at the event was Tony Tellado from Sci-Fi Talk. While I was out galavanting with Mike Tyson and Guillermo del Toro, Tony was able to sit down and have a roundtable chat with Andrew Lincoln and Chandler Riggs, the father son duo from AMC’s ridiculously popular The Walking Dead. They discussed everything from what we can expect in season 5, their often rocky relationship, and Riggs new found hate of chocolate pudding.

Want more Walking Dead Comic-Con coverage, check out our full panel recap with the stars and creators as well as Justin participating in The Walking Dead Escape. Here are a few of the highlights from the roundtable, for the full transcript head over to Sci-Fi Talk.

When asked about rebuilding their relationship, Riggs had the following to say;

the-walking-dead-afterBetween Carl and Rick, it’s really interesting. In season one, he really looked up to him and stood behind him and the same in season two .In the second half of two he was more independent and more like the rebellious teenager. In season three he learned to really respect his dad and see him as a good leader.Once Carl loses his mom and Rick loses his wife, it all goes downhill. Then Carl comes out and says, “I don’t think you should be the leader. Carl could see that Rick was so stressed that he just took an ax and chopped up a bunch of zombies. Then in season 4, he sees that Rick has stepped down from the leadership role, and kind of took on the role of being a father more. That’s the idea of Rick that Carl loves. He really respects him for that. Throughout the season, you see him make the decisions that a normal father would kind of do. Him taking away his gun is like a normal kid getting his phone taken away or something for a while for doing something bad. I shot a kid.This was kind of punishment. It’s really cool on how they wrote for the relationship between us.

Lincoln followed up when prodded if he’s starting to look at Carl as a man, and not a little kid;

I think that’s where we pick up. We’ve done a lot of healing in this relationship. And you see us in the worst place we’ve ever been. And yet we’re probably at the most unified. And certainly Rick is the most conflict free he’s ever been which makes him incredibly dangerous and a great leader.I think that there is unspoken bond that’s been really galvanized in the last season.We can’t go into detail but there’s some really…All I can say is that it carries on. It makes complete season in where we left it and where we go next.

It’s nice to see that their relationship is always changing. That is one of the grounded aspects that makes the show so relatable. Carl is stuck going through his teen years during a zombie apocalypse. Everyone thinks puberty is the end of the world, but for Carl it sort of is.

the-walking-dead-inmatesWhen asked about the lack of backlash for a season that featured two prominent child deaths and a couple almost rapes;

Andrew Lincoln: No one said anything about the violence. Which is great because people go, “Yeah” because they’re invested. “I’m a parent.I have children. That’s what I would do. That’s the strength of our show when the writing is good. And the writing has been magnificent.We’ve been so lucky with these guys all the way through the seasons. We took the gloves off last year. Those two episodes were incredibly edgy. And I think we’re moving into territory this season, we’re going into the heart of darkness. This is a grown up show. A very brutal show.

There’s a lot of good stuff and I recommend checking out the entire discussion over at Sci-Fi Talk.

The Walking Dead will return on October 12th to AMC. The new season will consist of 16 episodes, and AMC is also developing a full The Walking Dead spinoff series set to debut in 2015, and it may even be a prequel to the main series. 


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