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Cognition Preview at PAX

Posted on September 3, 2012 at 6:36 pm by Justin Cavender

Phoenix Online has partnered with Reverb Publishing to bring us Cognition, at PAX Prime, in Seattle.

Cognition, is a four part episodic video game adventure following Erica Reed, an FBI agent, with post cognitive abilities. Haunted by her brother’s death, she uses her ability to see an object’s past to find her bother’s killer.

Players will uncover clues and solve puzzles with mind bending challenges. The film Saw popped in my mind as I watched Cesar Bittar, CEO of Phoenix Online, solve a puzzle in a cemetery. The puzzle required Erica to give a blood offering in order to make a door open. Cesar made Erica turn a dial which forced metal spikes to stab her in the legs, spilling her blood, yikes right?

The first episode, The Hangman, should take players six to eight hours to complete. The entire series will be released over the course of eight to ten months. Each episode features different ways to complete and solve key puzzles, which will allow Erica different paths to solve the mystery.

Cognition is currently enrolled in Steam Greenlight, the new process to get video games on Steam and available for download. With your help, Cognition will be available for PC and Mac this Fall. There is also a planned release for iOS and Android.


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    • Kahn Jr

      Yeah this game looks super sweet. I'm excited about the iOS version.

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