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Check Out the Leaked BATMAN V SUPERMAN Trailer

Posted on April 17, 2015 at 9:43 am by Amanda Andonian


The internet was abuzz yesterday when a leaked version of the Batman v. Superman trailer made it online, but it was of course swiftly taken down all over the place. Fortunately, there’s still one version that’s currently available to watch still. Check it out while you still can:

In case it’s already been taken down, it features a desolate view of a Metropolis that’s been nearly destroyed by some kind of conflict; and a fallen statue of Superman has the words “False God” scrawled all over it in red graffiti. We then get various flashes of Bruce Wayne contemplating his batsuit, random explosions, and voiceovers talking about whether Superman is a being that humanity should trust or not. Overall, it’s a pretty bleak view.

And, of course, it also plays up the conflict between Superman and Batman. We already knew that these two would be facing off, but the mechanical growl of Batman saying, “Tell me, do you bleed? You will,” just puts it all front and center.

Assuming that it is Batman who says those words (as the trailer suggests), it seems like a strange thing for the Dark Knight to say. He’s not usually one for quippy remarks; and the weird computerized sound of his voice is a little jarring as well. Granted they probably don’t want to replicate Christian Bale’s throaty growl, but completely computerizing Batman’s voice also doesn’t really seem like the best way to go.

If you managed to catch the leaked trailer above before it got taken down again, what did you think? Are you pumped for this newest version of Batman and Superman?

[via Polygon]

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