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CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR Review; The Marvel Cinematic Universe Implodes

Posted on May 3, 2016 at 1:26 pm by David "Snackbar" Edmundson


Captain America: Civil War kicks off Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and while it’s not the non-stop Avenger on Avenger slugfest the trailers might have you believe, it is still funny, fast-paced, and features some of the best set pieces in comic book movies.

I want to get the elephant in the room out front and center, right away. Spider-Man is amazing! He isn’t a major player, but he was in it a little more than I thought he would be. He is young, he is funny, and he is completely out of his depth when he goes toe-to-toe with Team Cap. His big scene is the airport fight that’s been in every trailer and promo, and this scene cannot be praised enough. The action in this scene is arguably the best action in any comic book movie to date.

The film does a great job of giving us heroes to root for and sprinkles in the perfect amount of humor (take note Zack Snyder). Spider-Man and Ant-Man provide most of the jokes, but I would definitely watch a Falcon/Winter Soldier buddy cop film. These two play off each other better than anyone else in the film.


In Civil War, The Avengers, and superheroes as a whole, are given the option to work for the government or retire. Things are complicated when the Winter Soldier is accused of killing a prominent world leader, making him the new team’s first target. Of course Captain America can’t let anyone but him bring in his friend, and thus begins the descent into fisticuffs.

Those of you hoping that this is a quick thing, and that the hero infighting happens quickly will be disappointed. The real fighting is pretty deep into the film as we are giving a convoluted plot by a would-be-villain whose agenda you get in the last minutes of the film. This is the weak spot of the film, and it feels like directors Anthony and Joe Russo used three steps to establish this thread when they could have done it in one, and gotten us to the heart of the film 20 minutes sooner.

While the Russo’s might let us down slightly with the narrative, they more than make up for it with the amazing set pieces and action. Much like Winter Soldier, you can follow the action, and you know where everyone is at all times. Quite a trick when there are 12 heroes duking it out at one point. No matter which side of the fight you’re on, you’ll have someone to root for. Unless you’re Team Thor or Hulk of course.


An important thing to note is that this is a Captain America film. It is heavily skewed to show that his views are the most just and right because it’s his film (plus he’s in the right I guess). That isn’t to say that Team Iron Man is portrayed as evil monsters hell-bent on killing their friends, but if you are thinking that this will be a “both sides” kind of story, you’ll be disappointed. It is CAPTAIN AMERICA: Civil War after all.

That being said, it’s interesting to see the continued evolution of Tony Stark. When we first saw him in Iron Man, he was cocky and nothing could bring him down. He has slowly been stripped away in each of the subsequent films, and he takes a couple more hits this go around. We get a Tony Stark who is so unsure about what to do that he jumps at the idea of being told what to do, thinking that oversight is the best course of action.

I’ll make this easy for you. Did you like Captain America: Winter Soldier? Do you like Marvel films? Do you enjoy having a good time? Do you like movie popcorn? Do you have 2 ½ hours to spare? If the answer to any of these questions was yes, than buy a ticket and have some fun.

Captain_America_3_-_1.originalSnackbar’s Grade: B+

Pros – Humor, tone, epic set pieces, Spider-Man/Ant-Man
Cons – A little bit of shaky cam, weak villain, slightly muddled plot

Also, in true Marvel fashion we are given a mid-credit and post-credit scene. So you’ll have to hold it during all those visual effects credits.

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