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Buy Subscription Time with Gold in World of Warcraft

Posted on March 2, 2015 at 3:02 pm by Justin Cavender

The WoW Token

Blizzard will soon introduce a new item called a WoW Token that will allows players to safely exchange gold and game time. Players can either buy a WoW Token from the Auction House and redeem it for game time or use real money to purchase a WoW Token and sell it for gold in the Auction House.

The only real catch here is players won’t be able to set their own prices for their tokens in the Auction House. According to the FAQ available on “The gold value of a Token will be determined dynamically based on supply and demand. When you put a Token up for sale, you’ll be quoted the amount of gold you’ll receive upon a successful sale. If you then decide to place the Token up for sale, that amount is locked in, and the gold will be sent to your mailbox after another player purchases your Token.”

WoW Token

Those of you with buckets of gold and nothing to buy can certainly take advantage of some free subscription time. There’s still no word on the exact pricing yet, but I’m curious to see how much gold a $15 monthly subscription is potentially worth.

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    • Snackbar

      Looking forward to everyone losing their shit with this one.

    • DarthShiva

      This just seems like a rabbit hole of lost time. They will probably make the price to get in game time high enough to where you’ll lose a lot of time trying to make it! How deeply will you be sucked into the vortex of WoW to get free time???

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