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Chromebook Review – Could it be the Laptop of Your Dreams?

Posted on July 27, 2013 at 10:00 am by CJ


As many college students know, the awkward time between your BA and MA studies, in which you look for a pseudo-career to fund education, is one where a little bit of technology comes in handy. Of course, long as it doesn’t break your already malnourished wallet too much. We need technology for pretty much everything these days, and if you’re looking for a job, pursuing your hobby, or advancing your education, having a laptop is not a bad idea. For the aforementioned reasons, a Chromebook will fit your needs pretty well.

chromebookDo you only need a laptop for watching YouTube videos, checking your email, checking social media, and basic word processing? Then Samsung’s $250 Chromebook is probably the thing for you. Its low price tag is not due to low quality. You save money because Chrome’s OS, the new operating system from Google, does not need an excessive amount of hardware. It’s an operating system that relies heavily on “cloud computing,” so most basic functions are taken care of online, not your harddrive. There’s really no need to download and install software. Instead, you download apps that let you do whatever you need to do, and many of them usually link you to websites that take care of everything.

The Chromebook is basically a tablet with a keyboard, using your browser to run all applications. This may seem like you’re settling for less, but if you think about what you use your computer for on a daily basis, most of it is online already anyway. For example, instead of installing Word on your machine, you can just use Google Docs, which not only saves your work automatically, but it also accessible from any computer with Internet access.

chromebookSince the Chromebook requires so little harddrive and memory, and it’s super thin and there’s no noisy fan. It would fit neatly into most backpacks, is really light, and it’s just as stylish as any MacBook. One of the drawbacks, however, is that there doesn’t seem to be a built-in application for recording audio. If you want to record lectures, you would have to use something like SoundCloud, which can use your laptop’s mic to record. On the other hand, the camera can be used offline to take pictures, and there are lots of offline apps too.

If you have a job or hobbies that require advanced programs like Adobe Creative Suite, or Pinnacle Studio, then you definitely need a Mac or PC. But if your activities are pretty lightweight and mostly just require Internet access, you can do it all with a Chromebook. I pretty much just use a computer for writing, watching videos, Facebook, and uploading stuff online, so this laptop covers all my needs. I recommend it to anyone who doesn’t need a computer that flips pancakes (tip of the hat to George Carlin), but just needs something that can accomplish the most fundamental, basic tasks.

Here’s a YouTube video that I made about the Chromebook prior to writing this article. Please excuse the choppy and glitchy nature of the video, I’m an amateur at video making.

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      I’ve wanted one of these for a while now… I may have to give in soon.

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