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Time to Put a “Rabid Dog” Down – Breaking Bad Review [Spoilers]

Posted on September 1, 2013 at 10:58 pm by Amanda Andonian


The bell doth tolls for Walt and Jesse! This week on Breaking Bad, things start to get a little out of Walt’s control, and for once his golden tongue isn’t getting him out of it. As always, there are major spoilers ahead, so stop reading if you want to remain unspoiled!

Final Spoiler Warning

So it looks like it’s the beginning of the end for Walt this week. Last time, we watched in disbelief as Jesse doused Walt’s house in gasoline. This week, we saw the aftermath. Unsurprisingly, Walt’s house does not get burned down, but we don’t find out the reason right away. Instead, it’s Walt going into damage control mode, trying to track Jesse down and salvage what he can of the situation.

breaking-bad-rabid-dogFirst off, it’s covering up the entire incident. Unluckily for him, gasoline has a tricky way of not coming out of your carpet if you’ve doused it with gallons of the stuff, so he has to come up with a likely story for Junior and Skyler for why the house stinks. Both of them know right away that he’s lying, although Junior believes that Walt’s just lying about how sick he’s been. Skyler has no illusions about the danger they’re in, though, and she urges Walt to get rid of the problem. After all, “what’s one more?”

Skyler isn’t the only one who thinks Jesse needs to be “taken care of.” Saul also suggests that it’s time to put Old Yeller down, but Walt refuses to even listen to that suggestion. Considering how easily Walt has gotten rid of people in the past, it might seem strange that he’s so protective of Jesse, but of all the people he’s had dealings with, Jesse is the only person Walt actually cares about. Jesse was the one who brought Walt into this world, however inadvertently, and so he’s the only person who knows the real Walt. As dangerous as that might be for him, Walt still has a soft spot for Jesse because of the fact that he’s the only one who can truly understand him,.

breaking-bad-rabid-dogFunnily enough, it’s Hank who understands best of anyone what Jesse is to Walt. He’s the one who stops Jesse, and he’s the one who convinces “the kid” to confess everything he knows about Walt. He even tells Jesse that the only reason he’s still around is because Walt really does care about him. However, Jesse knows better than anyone that it’s going to take more than a taped statement to put Walt away for good. As he so astutely brings up, it’s just his words against Walt’s.

At the end of the episode, we see Jesse’s distrust of Mr. White come full circle. It’s too late for any of Walt’s equivocations or explanations—all Jesse can do is look for the trap. When he thinks that he finds it when going to meet with Walt, Jesse turns on him completely and there’s no going back for either of them.

Despite all of Walt’s protestations earlier in the episode that killing Jesse is not an option, by the end, it seems like his fuzzy feelings towards his former student are no longer at play. Will Walt go through with a hit on Jesse, or will Jesse manage to get his revenge before Walt can get rid of him? Let us know what you think in the comments!

Breaking Bad: Season 5 Episode 12, “Rabid Dog” aired September 1st on AMC.

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