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Boardwalk Empire: Times Are a Changing

Posted on September 8, 2013 at 2:29 pm by Jess Hicks

Fall TV officially kicks off, at least for me, tonight with HBO’s Boardwalk Empire and boy are things changing for our favorite gangsters. It’s always funny watching shows that take place in a historically semi-accurate time because we essentially know where it will end up. For Boardwalk we know that eventually prohibition will end and Capone will be the big shot we all know him as today. However, with shows like this we care less about the history and more about the badass gangsters and their awesome suits. Below I have listed my top 5 things I want from this season of Boardwalk Empire, and yes there will be SPOILERS of seasons past.

5. More story surrounding Richard!

Richard is probably my favorite character in the entire series but for some reason we don’t get a lot of story time with him. I understand that the writers probably want to focus more on the big names we know like Capone and Luciano along with Nucky since it is pretty much his show but I think they are severely underplaying this character. Richard is essentially the only character with a heart that the audience can relate too. Of course Capone has some heartfelt moments with his deaf son and Chalky is  a dedicated family man but they aren’t nearly as conflicted as Richard.

Richard is an insanely awesome killer but that isn’t really what he is all about and I think that is something the show needs. I’ve read a lot of complaints about the show being heartless and empty and while I mostly disagree I think Richard is where the audience can find the heart they want.

Boardwalk Empire- Richard

4. Less Nucky and Margaret Drama

This is pretty much the same complaint I have with Mad Men, both showcase men who will never be satisfied with one woman because they are so mistrusting and wrapped up in themselves. We get the same story going on and on and never coming to an end. Nucky and Margaret are so destroyed romantically that it seems silly and unnecessary  to continue this plodding story line. Let Nucky go back to be the asshole he is and let Margaret go back to being the good Catholic woman she always wanted to be.

Although, it was pretty awesome when her boyfriend showed up in a trunk…

So in love...

So in love…

3. Significantly Less Characters 

Maybe I have been spoiled on shows like Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead but I really would like to see some of these characters bite it this season, but who?

Eli, Gillian, and Mickey but really who doesn’t want Mickey and Gillian around? Mickey is such a liability that I find it hilarious that he is actually still around and Gillian serves one purpose and one purpose only. Now that her son’s death is successfully covered up (although who really was going to do anything about it?) she has no reason to stick around. I can see them using her to make Nucky feel bad but I think killing Eli would be much more effective in sending him spiraling out of control. Sure, I would probably feel sad and maybe even shed a tear for Eli but it would be for the better of the show. Right Stark family?

Boardwalk Empire- Mickey

2. Former Agent Nelson Val Alden

My feelings toward this character bounce back and forth consistently. On one hand I think he is the biggest creep in creep land and everything bad that has happened to him is his own fault. But on the other hand, I just love his rage filled out bursts so much! They truly are the highlight of each season and now that he has worked his way into the bootlegging business I can only assume there will be more. Michael Shannon is so wonderful in this role that I don’t even care if he gives me the heebie jeebies. I just want more of his wonderful inner conflict.

Not to mention his really super awesome nanny/wife who jumps at the chance to defend her husband no matter what crime he is getting into.

Boardwalk Empire- Van Alden

1. Chalky White/Harlem Gang

This is probably the one thing on my list that we will actually get more of. Now that Chalky has saved Knucky’s ass ten-fold he is going to get his nightclub on the boardwalk which opens up way more of his story than we have had previously. There is sure to be some major tension between Nuck and Chalky as pressure from the other factions grows on them. The new club on the boardwalk is also sure to see some action from the less than enlightened citizens of town.

I’m really looking forward to the new boss of Harlem, Valentin Narcisse played by Jeffery Wright. He is cultured, intelligent and runs Harlem which seems to do things a tad differently than New York, Chicago and of course Atlantic City. I think Valentin is going to prove a worthy rival to the rest of the characters, with emphasis on Nucky.

Boardwalk Empire- Chalky White


So there we have it, a few things I am hopeful for in this new season of Boardwalk Empire which premiers tonight on HBO at 9/8 c. Boardwalk Empire continues to be one of the most interesting shows on TV for me and even if my wishes for the new season don’t happen I am still eagerly awaiting it. Will you be watching? What do you want from this season? Leave us a comment and be sure to check out my review of the season premier!

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